Can They See What I'm Doing?

I believe this may be the wrong forum for such things, but it is kinda trivial…or at least, it has the possibility to be.

I’m on a work-issued laptop because my computer decided to die on me. I saw a couple weblogs that had porn links, which would be objectionable material. Is there a way to find out if they know I visited such a site?

If they really wanted to do that, they may have installed software that you would never know about to fill them in. However, most workplaces have better things to do than compile your personal interests and fetishes via a loaner laptop.

Just clear your browser cache, history, and cookies before you turn it back in and you should be fine. I wouldn’t want to work at a place that does that kind of thing so keep that in mind on the very off chance they scour the hard drive more thoroughly than the NSA when you turn it back in.

That’s what I had figured. Definitely posting a “no myspace” rule on this here laptop.

We see everything you do, and you’re in BiG trouble.
Hugs & kisses,
Your Boss

Hm. Well, My boss is my uncle…


At least he’ll know his nephew loves bloody amputee porn.

I work at a large tech company. They have keystroke logs for all the computers. (I still check my webmail and el SDMB’s)
As for you, unless you clicked on those links, it shouldn’t be in History. In any event, you probably have plausible deniability.