Your current first-world problems

I’m having trouble hiring an electrician for a bunch of nice but decidedly not urgent work.

All the stupid shopping channels I had blocked from showing up on Dish Network channel guide have reappeared and I can’t seem to get them to go back into hiding.

Such are the Trials and Tribulations I must endure.

One of the early jokes on Mad About You: “We don’t need a cleaning woman - we just need the threat of a cleaning woman.”

I had to use a regular, old fashioned toothbrush the other day, instead of my electric one.

It’s been nearly a year since the PlayStation 5 came out and I still can’t get one.

The transformer in the timer for my rear sprinkers died. Now I have to operate the sprinklers manually when I water the yard.

I’ve been waiting for my Bronco since July 16th, 2020…

My wife was given two old German-made tapestries that she had been coveting for decades. They had been owned by her mother who did not hang them or indeed display them in any way, instead stuffing them into a cardboard box for 24 years. We took them to a professional textile restorer in Portland for cleaning and repair. They look pretty nice now.

My wife and I just bought a house. There are only two walls with the requisite square footage necessary to hang the tapestries.

6 or so years ago we bought a new television, a 50" smart TV. We aren’t big TV watchers but the big (to us, we were used to an old 19" CRT) TV is nice to have. We saved up for several months to buy it.

In the new house there is only one place that we can place the TV where it isn’t impeding foot traffic but still in a good spot for viewing. Unfortunately, that spot is right in front of one of the tapestries.

So, I have a choice of either buying a new television stand, which I don’t want to do because I really like the one we have, living with the TV blocking the bottom of the tapestry which I also don’t like, or buying a new, much smaller TV which is an option my wife and children have already vetoed.

So we have the new house we wanted, my wife has the tapestries she’s wanted since she was in high school, and we have the nice big TV that we wanted for years and had to save up for. But taken together they don’t work.


Could you take a picture of the bottom part of the tapestry and the wall below, the bit the TV hides, and show it as a still picture in the TV when you don’t watch anything, like a screen saver, so that it looks like the TV is transparent?

My ridiculous dental tech told me I need to use an electric toothbrush, a manual toothbrush, and a water pic.

When they built our house 4 years ago all the door hardware was polished nickel. Except the handle to the laundry room which is brushed nickel. Which bugs me whenever I use it.
Oh my god my life is horrible!

I love boba tea, but can seldom drink it. Boba tea joints don’t tend to open until the early afternoon, and I can’t drink that much tea in the p.m. - it’ll keep me awake that night. So unless I hit the tea cafe at right about 12:30 or 1 p.m., I don’t get my boba milk tea.

And since it probably has about 500 calories a pint, I suppose that’s a good thing.

I used to have 2 Vinturi wine aerators. Unfortunately, my daughter ‘borrowed’ one, and now I have to aerate my white wines with the red wine aerator.

Can you bite the bullet and lose the TV stand, mount the TV on the wall, and hang the tapestry like a drape so it covers the TV and can be moved aside when it’s time to watch?

That’s exactly what i was going to suggest. Cover the tv with the tapestry, and draw the tapestry out of the way when your are actually watching tv

If it makes you feel better, she has to do the same.

We rented a car to drive to Miami to go on a cruise. But the damn thing doesn’t have heated seats. Oh well. I guess it’s suicide again for me.

You need heated seats in Miami?

I could not, but perhaps Lancia will give it a try.

I need the option…just in case. You know, like with having 4x4…or a gun. Or multiple guns.