Your current first-world problems

I have good news for you. I have a Vinturi as well (just one) and IMHO, at least, white wine rarely if ever needs aerating. Let your daughter have the other one with your blessing, and fret no more. In fact, in my experience, relatively young red wines don’t really need it, either.

Wines that need to breathe will usually let you know in a fairly obvious way. In such cases a Vinturi is essential for the desperate wino wine connoisseur anxious to get drinking ASAP. But if they don’t, aerating through a Vinturi is really more of a ceremonial ritual than a necessity. :slight_smile:

I guess my opinion on this would depend on just what specific part of the tapestry the TV was hiding, and how much of it. It could potentially be seen as an opportunity to watch TV with a very pleasant background behind it, rather than as a problem. From the sounds of it, the tapestries must be quite large.

We ordered food delivery from a local Chinese restaurant. They didn’t secure the lid on the quart of soup, but laid it sideways atop the other containers. When it arrived, everything was drenched, and the “soup” had no broth. Luckily the bottom of the bag had no holes.

None of the Chinese restaurants in my area deliver any more!

In my limited experience most takeout and fast-food places around here tend to farm out their deliveries to services like Uber.

I’m low on new library books and might have to re-read some stuff I already own. :grimacing:

Heh. There are books/authors I love to reread. I’ve read everything Elmore Leonard ever wrote, and read some (I’m looking at you, Rum Punch) once a year.

I get upset when I have to pay my insurance deductable for medical expenses after I already pay premiums out of my check every week in the greatest country in the world. Then I realize that most of the world has no access to decent healthcare. They just get sick and die or suffer while waiting for a handout.

Still there is lots of room for improvement.

Maybe I’ll check it out.

Here in the desert southwest, the bathroom is seldom cold. When it is, we have a new heater, mounted in the ceiling, that warms the room nicely. We just turn it on a few minutes before taking a shower. So the room is warm, as is the water.

But the shower gel is cold. It doesn’t feel cold when you squirt a little into your palm, but when you then smear it on your body, it feels cold for 2, 3, maybe even 4 seconds.

Winter is coming.

I hate it when that happens so I run hot water over my washcloth before applying the gel. Of course, the only reason I use gels anymore is because I’m staying somewhere that isn’t home and forgot to bring my hand made, environmentally friendly, locally-made with locally sourced ingredients by a single mom, goat milk soap. That’s always such a trial.

For the full immersive experience, read Rum Punch, then watch Jackie Brown.

Well dern. I’ve already seen Jackie Brown.

Spoiler: The book is better.

Switch to bar soap. It never feels cold. Water (in the gel) has an enormous thermal mass and is why the gel feels cold.

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I managed to misplace a loveseat…

I bought it this summer, along with a sofa from my neighbors when they remodeled their basement. Now it’s gone? Who loses furniture? Asked all of my children and they’re clueless, husband has no ideas. Maybe it was just the weirdest robbery ever…idk.

A loveseat? US-style or the British variant, which, as it seems, originated in France? Be it as it may, I don’t know how somebody could lose such a thing, I reckon somebody just threw it away without asking you first. Or maybe they burnt it. I can only wonder why.

When I moved in with my gf 15 years ago, I brought a Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker with me. I forgot all about it until this summer when I was in the mood for fresh brewed iced tea. I spent several hours looking for it. My gf eventually caved in and told me she threw it out 14 years ago.

She bought me a new one, though.

ETA: I’ll ask her about the loveseat later today.

Check your dryer - it’s a portal to & from other dimensions for socks and other seemingly lost things.

It was the American version for sure. I guess I’ll check the dryer. A supernatural explanation seems way more likely. I can’t even get these people to pick up socks from the living room floor without being asked (twice). The idea that someone got rid off it in an effort to “tiddy up” is unrealistic.