Your current first-world problems

I’m on vacation in a rented cottage that has a Roku player operating in Guest Mode. I have to enter my user name and password EVERY SINGLE DAY to watch Netflix. And I have a really complicated e-mail address as my user name. I should have brought a BT keyboard so I could just type it in.

My house is bursting at the seams with vintage HiFi, vintage and newer synthesizers, guitars, studio equipment, books, CDs, Cassettes, DATs, LPs, DVDs, VHS tapes and souvenirs.
You are looking at one humongous pack rat.

For some reason my Uverse remote has stopped controlling the volume and mute functions. All other buttons work just fine. So I had to get out my TV remote for these and the TV remote won’t work for any other functions while in Uverse mode. Now I have to use two remotes just to watch TV.

If your U-verse remote is like mine there are buttons across the top for the various devices: ATT, TV, DVD, and AUX. Make sure you didn’t inadvertently select the wrong device.

You win. That sounds incredibly annoying, and absolutely first world.

Logitech doesn’t seem to make the size wireless mouse I want in their ‘vivid violet’ color :pleading_face:

I drove to a farmers market farther away than the one I usually go to specifically because I wanted to buy balsamic vinegar from a vendor that doesn’t sell at the closer one. That vendor wasn’t there this week, so I drove out there and just ended up buying things I could have gotten at the other market.

For some reason I’ve been craving 8 Ball Stout from Lost Coast Brewing lately, so on the way home I stopped by Total Wine go get some. Except 8 Ball Stout was sold out, so I had to settle for Left Hand Brewing Milk Stout instead.

Yeah, that’s not the problem. Other functions got sluggish last night and I replaced the batteries. But that didn’t make a difference with the volume buttons. I think I need a new remote.

Eh, it was worth a shot. It happens to my wife a lot. Can’t change the channel, the volume doesn’t work, etc. Turns out she fat-fingered the remote and had a different device selected.

So, perhaps a bit of a derailment, but it relates.

So im on this cruise, as i mentioned earlier. I decided to do the “visual trivia” thingy they offered. Had to identify pictures of like 16 cartoon dogs and the artist/album name of like 12 album covers. Cool, i knew most of them. But qhen the MC was going over the answers, except for the super obvious/popular ones, he kept reminding us that he was from the Dominican Republic and didn’t have access to tv or radio, so forgive him for not knowing, or knowing even how to pronounce most of the answers.

We have a smart TV in our bedroom - with a Roku attached. We got rid of the cable box.

The universal remote had to be connected to a computer to set it up to work with the TV and cable box, pre-Roku. The computer that had the software is long gone, and I’d have to download it to a newer computer, bring the remote into the room with the computer, and reprogram it - running back and forth to test the programming.

So I have had to make do with using my smartphone as the Roku remote.

Or invest in some kind of motorized reel thing - like a movie screen roller-upper-thingy, and roll the tapestry up when you want to watch TV. Bonus: you get to buy a new gadget.

DirecTV now lists its show episodes by the episode title, rather than Season & episode number. So if you’re bingeing a particular show, it’s impossible to tell where you are.

This is just the newest of the MANY things I’ve come to hate about DirecTV. It very well may be the deal breaker.

Years ago I had an issue with AT&T that was such a pain that I vowed never to do business with them again. It’s been so long that I can’t recall what the issue was. So when AT&T bought DirecTV and I was suddenly paying money to AT&T, I was not happy. Unfortunately, the wife was used to the interface and menus, so we kept DirecTV. But I curse AT&T every time I have an issue with the service, no matter how small. Especially the cheap-ass remotes.

That’s what I was thinking. If the ceilings are strong enough, you can mount the tapestry on a frame and swing it to the side like an enormous TV cover.

Here’s my problem. I had a really nice pad holder that I got on the first day of a job 20 years ago. It still looked like new, and I used it all the time. It had notes from talking to my mother’s lawyer and accountant in it. And two of my best pens, and notes about an event I’m planning.

And I took it with me to a semi-public place, and left it on a table, and at the end of the evening, it was gone.

Who steals something like that?

I’ve smoked the devil’s lettuce for two solid decades, and I still can’t roll a joint to save my life.
{ sob }

My smart lightbulbs can’t turn the lights on by voice command or app if I turned them off manually. I feel like an idiot being right next to the lamp and asking Alexa to turn it off.

I got vaccinated yesterday, and wanted to nap this afternoon. But the cleaning lady was here, so I couldn’t nap until she was done.

I know your pain. We have to tidy up the house before our cleaning lady arrives—we wouldn’t want her to think we’re pigs. Then, we have to leave our home for 2 hours, so she can do whatever. It’s almost like we’re being made homeless every 2 weeks by some kind of terrorist, but a weird one that’s very nice, and leaves the home spotless.

I turn off the lights with the, “Alexa, good night” command most of the time.