Your current first-world problems

I just assumed the dispensing pharmacist didn’t know about his hand, so got mad at the default mode.

It all got worked out, but of course he didn’t think to look into the bag until it was time to take his next dose. I imagine words were said.

My X-10 control module from the early 90’s crapped out and now I have to turn my lights on by hand.

Which VOIP did you go with? Ringcentral adjusts more or less automatically to our timezone. And boy, what a savings. Now we pay $600 for an entire year. We used to pay that every two months.

Our law office uses an accounting software that’s ostensibly single-user, but the attorney and I have worked around that for years by sending backups via Dropbox. I (or the assistant) does billing on client accounts, backs up the file, uploads the backup onto Dropbox and emails a link to the attorney, who pays the bills and does payroll. Then she reverses the process.

For some reason, the attorney cannot get the new billing (which the assistant and I did a butt-load of the last couple of days) onto her computer. I can’t imagine how she is managing to screw this up. About the only thing left for me to do is to go to her house (she works from home when not in court) and walk through all the steps on her computer myself.

Last night, I nuked a can of soup. To keep the microwave clean, I put a saucer upside down on the plastic bowl. I was satisfied that it fit so precisely inside the lip of the bowl. So when I got it out of the MW, the saucer was sealed tight to the bowl. I couldn’t get a knife between the bowl and saucer (not even an x-acto). Tape wouldn’t pull it off and I didn’t have any kind of suction cup. Even holding it upside down over a larger bowl and shaking it firmly didn’t help. I ran an ice cube around the bowl and saucer to get the saucer to shrink but that didn’t seem to be helping either. Finally, in annoyance I dinked it sideways in the sink and it let go. Into the sink and mostly down the drain. Had to just nuke a new can of soup. With a cover that did NOT fit precisely on the bowl.

This drives me batty regarding paying bills online -

As an example, I receive an email on 11/1 from Capital One stating my payment is due on 12/1. I immediately (always) go to the website and schedule the bill to be paid on the due date. Then 2 weeks later I receive another email stating my payment is due soon. In my head I know I’ve already scheduled the payment, but something makes me doubt myself and I have to go back to the website, just in case, and sure enough, I see that the payment has been scheduled. Sometimes I get another email about a week before the due date stating that my payment is due in one week.

Once payment is scheduled why do they have to continue to send the reminder emails?

I don’t own an iron, and am stubbornly trying to avoid buying one.

But … I have nearly finished a cross-stitch project. Because I use a hoop to hold the fabric firmly, there are folds crimped around the edge.

Have asked on Reddit and several Facebook cross-stitch groups for alternative suggestions.

At least a third … have suggested buying an iron. :roll_eyes:

As I’m nearing completion on a second project, I may have to capitulate.

Also, I wanted to get a cheapie breakfast snack thing from the local Timmy Horton, but apparently a third of the locals had the same idea, and the line was soooo looooong.

Pity me and my woeful life. 'Tis a tortured existence I must endure.

Get a little handheld steamer. You can use it on your projects and your nice blouses.

I just spent the last hour scheduing covid tests so we can fly to the U.S., and figuring out the paperwork we will have to complete, plus the testing that we will have to do on the way back.

I’m still confused, and we might do a bit too much testing, but I really don’t want to get to check in and be told we’re not allow to fly due to insufficient testing or paperwork.

Due to my broken ribs (see other posting), I was trying to not have to go grocery shopping, so I went on to Safeway’s grocery delivery website. I got all of my groceries lined up and tried to check out, and they told me that because I live in a different zip code from the closest store, they can’t deliver the Diet cokes I had ordered. That cut me down to below their minimum order pricing. I really didn’t need anything else, so I just noped out and went to another local store (which doesn’t do delivery) in pain.

We won’t get an Alexa or similar device because none of them let us program the “key” command.

Until I can say “Jeeves, lock the door” or “Stella, shut the TV off” I’m not buying one.

That’s fairly bizarre. Does your ZIP code have some weirdly specific blue laws that ban the sale of aspartame or something?

Another alternative might be to do store pickup: order the stuff, drive to the store, wait in the car while they bring it out and load it into your trunk. You still have the hassle and pain of driving, but at least you’re not lugging stuff around the store.

Ooh - my latest:

I have three computers. One home computer, two work laptops. Needless to say this results in a cluttered desktop. So I bought a KVM switch.

Only, one of the computers does not work with that switch.

So I have to move one keyboard / mouse out of the way when I want to use the other computer.

And because one of the computers does not permit wireless accessories, there are wires everywhere.

Ahh, Alexa is fine for us. We do not lock our doors, and we do not use our television (preferring to stream to our individual iPads).

I hate it when people use multiple question marks after a question in an email. It adds a note of disbelieving hysteria to a perfectly mundane question.

I assumed the local place that the groceries would have shipped from was out of that item.

It’s just one zip code over.

We turn our TV off with Alexa all of the time. I dontnhave smart locks but I believe that command would work with them. We don’t have a smart TV the fire cube we use for streaming can do IR commands and will turn the volume up or down and change the source on the TV too. Most of the time we use voice commands to turn off the TV it is because we’re doing it to get the kids attention that their actions are causing the TV to be turned off.

I just opened a sack of Tate’s Bake shop chocolate chip cookies. And promptly ate a whole sleeve of them. Now I feel a bit over-full.

My life is so challenging.

I had Amazon ship me a five-pound jug of artificially sweetened low-carb keto diet protein powder to help address my obesity. Tastes okay but makes me feel slightly light-headed.

The water in my garden tub has gone tepid.