Your current first-world problems

It’s better than before, when I had not enough paid work and no idea how I was going to pay for things from month to month, but now I have more work than I can keep up with. By the time I get home, I have just about enough energy to feed the dog and let her out and that’s about it. The house is a disaster. Everything hurts all the time. My job is done and my animals are cared for.
I’m so happy to be back at the shelter every day, working with the animals, seeing my friends, making a difference, getting to do work I love… but oh my god am I tired.

I think @Mama_Zappa 's desire was to use different names.

You are limited there the only options are "Computer,” “Echo,” “Amazon,” “Ziggy,” or Alexa. I guess I misunderstood.

I want a loaf of crusty bread for dinner. (Have roasted garlic that’s calling my name.)

But I have already changed into PJs and it’s cold out.
I have no shame about going to Wal-Mart in pajama pants, but I’m comfy and don’t wanna get up.

WAH! Pity my first world problems.

We paid a bit for “Samuel” which replies with Samuel L Jackson’s voice and uses some obscenities.

Many of you probably know that I sell books and other items on Amazon.

Just a few days ago, I listed Jared Diamond’s “Collapse” and someone ordered it, and I cannot find it! That’s not exactly a book that could disappear easily, either.

Update: Several days ago, I started a new box and forgot about it. And there it was!

What used to be a vacant lot up the mountain from us, is now a newly built $1M home. Silly in this neighborhood. My address is XXXX N. 27 St. His is same, but N. 27 Place. We get each others deliveries from UPS, FedX, etc, and each other’s mail. I can’t think of a solution. Luckily we text each other to retrieve our stuff, but annoying. Names are on the mailboxes.

I usually don’t put up holiday lights until early December, but it’s been absolutely lovely weather, so I decided may as well get it done today.
Did the smart thing, untangled cords and tightened bulbs, plugged them in, changed out dead ones first. I even laid the strands out how they go on the house!
Thankfully, I have a one story house, as I have an immense fear of being on a ladder. Got everything up, annoyed some bulbs were not lined up, I’ll live with it.
Plugged them in…
Four flipping bulbs not lit requiring my shaky self back up the aluminum giver of broken bones.

Pulled out the lighted trees I place by the front door. Spent 30 minutes untwisting and arranging the fake branches so they no longer looked like they had severe bedhead. Plugged them in…

By this time it was getting dark, decided they can wait until the weekend.

I have to go on a work trip the Monday after Thanksgiving. This will be the first time I’ve flown since before the pandemic. On the way there my layover is right around noon, but too short to get something to eat. No problem, I thought; I’ll just buy something on the plane. Except I forgot that airlines changed their meal options in response to the pandemic. The don’t seem to offer any actual meals on my flight even though it’s almost 5 hours; only “snack boxes” are available (United offers the option of pre-ordering meals and snacks, but options like the cheeseburger are greyed out and it won’t let me order them). I don’t want an snack box; I want an actual meal darn it! I guess I’ll have to bring something from home.

Yesterday I broke a tooth eating a bagel. This morning I was fitted with a temporary crown. The cost was covered by my health insurance, but I am in a small amount of discomfort.

If I pay my rent by mail, they have to deal with the envelope and the paper check, and eventually it all gets entered into their computer. If I pay online, I’m already right there, and with a couple of clicks it’s accounted for. What I mean is: online should be easier and more hassle-free for them as well as me, and they charge a fee for it.

Finally broke down and bought a new TV for the first time since 2009. Fancy new 4k OLED (not the very fanciest, but the next fancy level down). Only Disney+ just updated their software so that 4k streaming was broke on my brand. I went to watch Shang Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings and they wanted me to watch it in regular HD! LIKE AN ANIMAL!!!

Heard it got updated/fixed yesterday so I’ll have to check it out again when I get home a little later :laughing:.

Meanwhile as I conveniently just mentioned in another thread, the death of the hofbrau dining experience in my area has led to a dysfunctional response to me occasionally craving roast turkey w/dressing&gravy. It’s vicious cycle of me roasting turkeys, getting sick to death of the staggering excess of them, then suddenly craving them again, etc… Life was so much simpler when I used to be able to just stroll down to a restaurant for a quick one-off turkey fix.

We have a turkey farm & store nearby, love turkey, so life is good. Several times this past year my gf has bought a boneless turkey breast, oven ready stuffing, and turkey gravy.

I sous vide the turkey and she makes the stuffing and sides.

Then one day I was at the turkey store buying bags of frozen hearts and livers for use as dog treats. I saw the frozen boneless turkey breasts and figured I’d grab one….then I saw the price!!! More than a whole bird, way more. For some reason I thought they’d be cheap.

We had lamb roast for Thanksgiving. I often go to the supermarket the day after, and buy a turkey half breast for sandwich purposes. I did so today, and got a beautiful fresh one for 50% off.

Woops, that’s not a first-world problem, is it? Okay, I have posole cooking and I just discovered I have no flour tortillas to eat with it. I have to drive out to the Mexican market in awhile to buy some.

I was passing by my favorite South Asian store today and remembered to nip in and look for Lee Kum Kee rib sauce (they sell everything - they have the best range of pasta I’ve ever seen, fer chrissakes).

Gotta be Lee Kum Kee. They had Lee Kum Kee everything - but no rib sauce. I need rib sauce for New year’s eve* - OK, so I already have a jar, but this was going to be my replacement cupboard jar. And now I feel slightly tense.

They also sell kimchi - but in tins not jars. So I’ll have to transfer it to a jar when I open it. ::sigh::


* - for those who remember my moaning about not being able/allowed to eat red meat - the ribs are for guests. I’ll also do chicken ribs (drumsticks, which work fine).

I bought this book a couple of years ago:

No, it is not hilarious, that is exagerated. But it is nice to read and yeah, it explains how to sharpen pencils. There are many ways, of which hamsters may be the third or fourth worst. But wooden pencils are cool, you’ll get to like them with practice. Eventually.
Only when you finally master the art of sharpening the bloody pencil will be a short, unusable stub. You’ll need an extender for the stub.

At this point, I mostly only use grocery delivery for bulky or heavy stuff, like soda or toilet paper or cat food. Stuff that I would have difficulty carrying through a store on my lap in a wheelchair. And then whatever else I need along with it. The only grocery delivery option open to me, because of location, is Walmart. I’m grateful to have at least one option, but their system leaves something to be desired.

So pretty much the whole point of my current order was that I’m out of soda. Everything else could have waited or been gotten somewhere else. And they substituted my big lots-of-cans-fewer-deliveries pack of soda with like a six pack of mini cans. That was like 90% of the reason I got the order to begin with. It’s better than nothing, but ugh.

Also, with Walmart, you get no input and no contact with the person doing your shopping. You can’t request a different substitute or say “could you at least get me two of those bitty packs?” It’s the substitute they pick or nothing.

Also, I know, I know, soda is bad for you and you don’t drink it and don’t see how anyone could drink it. I like it and I’m not buying it for you, so please miss me with all that.

I couldn’t decide this afternoon whether to have white meat or dark meat for lunch. So i had some of both. Such troublesome choices.

I hit $500 on a scratch-off earlier today, and I have to wait until tomorrow morning to cash it in.