Your current first-world problems

I always have trouble plugging in my Micro USB connectors. Half the time they are upside down. If only someone would invent a connector that could go in either way.

Ummm. You know that new ones can go either way, right?

The other day, I made turkey in gravy from leftovers. There was some of that leftover that I planned on having for lunch today, but one of my kids ate it.

Got the turkey noodle soup going now… broth tastes GREAT!

I just finished the soup, and set it outdoors to chill before i freeze it. We’ve had enough turkey for a while, my and the soup will be more welcome after a change in diet.

Yes I do, and that’s why it’s a First World Problem. Because many of my devices are Micro USB, particularly my induction phone chargers, and my cordless Dremel too.

I ordered a gift for my husband last Monday - an “early Black Friday” special from WalMart.

Email 1: Congrats on your order! It’ll be delivered on Friday the 26th.
Email 2 (the next day): Congrats! We have it in a local store. It’ll be there Wednesday the 24th.
Email 3: Whoopsie, it’s delayed. It’ll be there Thursday the 25th (phooey on that, I don’t want someone doing that kind of crapwork on the holiday, but whatever)
Email 4: Whoops, it’s delayed again. Dunno when it’ll get there. Maybe by Monday the 29th.

What ever happened to the Good Old Days when you ordered something by mailing a check, and you were lucky to get it in a month, and you LIKED it that way. Harrumph!!!

(it did, surprisingly, finally arrive today).

I’d be happy if the manufacturers would just make the two sides of the cords feel different, so you could tell by feel which way was up - e.g. “if it’s got bumps, that’s the narrow side” or whatever.

I do love the USB C plugs. Nothing sharp, can go in any way. Sort of like lightning cables. Oooh: and Apple phones all have lightning ports, but when I absent-mindedly tried charging my new iPad for the first time last spring, I got quite frustrated… until I looked at the damn thing and realized that IT required a USB C cable. Fortunately I had plenty of those since my phone (Android) uses them.

No Apple products here, but three kinds of USB, Mini, Micro, and of course the newer USB C. The C type seems to be taking over, but the others still abound in my world.

Then there’s the Type B as well which my printers still use. At least no more parallel or serial printer cables.

I hate winter, but the one positive thing is having a huge walk-in cooler available.

Yeah. If I have a big pot of hot soup or something that I need to put in the fridge before bed, I just stick it in the snow for a bit first

Heck, I moved the beginning-to-freeze soup to the freezer this morning.

If I left soup out overnight, the raccoons would have a wonderful time!

Sometimes, the store will have a special on cases of soda that I like. But the special is buy 2 get 2 free. I don’t want that much but it’s the only way to get the special. So I have to stock up the fridge with 4 cases of soda when I only wanted 1.

Um, you do realize that soda stores perfectly well un-refrigerated, right? You could put one pack in the fridge and leave the other 3 in the cupboard. Just sayin’.

It was in sealed plastic quart containers. I don’t think the critters have learned that there’s food inside those. I also sometimes leave out a pot with a heavy lid. I certainly wouldn’t leave anything uncovered, that would tend to disperse a food odor. I’ve worried about critters getting into it, but so far, so good.

Our entryway is almost like having another refrigerator in the winter! We have a cubby hole under the eaves where I store the Xmas decorations, I use that as a freezer. I make ice cubes in there all the time.
About the only plus of winter.

Well, then I have an even greater first-world problem. I drank all the cold sodas and now I have to put another case in the fridge and let it get cold OR put ice in the drink which uses up my ice supply and forces me to refill the glass because with ice it won’t hold the entire can of soda.

I remember my mother putting the Thanksgiving turkey out on the back porch (she had a covered roasting pan), to be brought inside when we wanted to hack some more meat off the bones.

There’ve been some years, where it was cold enough at Thanksgiving, that we’ve parked the car in the driveway the night before and put food in the car to keep it cold due to lack of indoor fridge space.

There is a local lady who makes and sells pies for holidays (delicious, wonderful, decadent pies) and she uses her car for storage during the winter.

You could do like my wife does. When all the cold pops in the fridge are gone, she’ll put one in the freezer to chill. Two downsides to this approach:

  1. She puts it in the ice bin, which causes the ice cubes to partly melt then refreeze back together in large clumps, which don’t play nice with ice dispenser.
  2. Sometimes she forgets, then kablooey - exploded Diet Coke all over the inside of the freezer.

These are my first world problems.