Your 'Dang, I have gotta have THAT!' moment

…especially regarding a category of things you might not otherwise want.

For example:

The cell phone commercial with Eric Clapton? WANT!!!

This despite the fact I don’t care about cell phones, have only had mine for a year, and rarely use it for much of anything except emergencies or grocery runs.

But that commercial worked! Even as I recognize that no, I really don’t care about that phone…I really, really like it. :stuck_out_tongue:
So, ever had an Achilles moment over something you’d think wouldn’t interest you?
(Or someone…why not? :cool: )

what is an Achilles moment

That’s when somebody shoots you in the heel with an arrow.

I think it was when I just walked out of my department chair’s office and he responded positively to a grant I just got, so I might get a sabbatical year with pay. The fellowship comes with a little cash, and I just now said to myself, “Man, an iPad would be really useful for my data collection…” :slight_smile:

Honestly, the first time I saw the first Verizon Droid phone ad. I’d been wanting an iPhone-type phone, but I didn’t want a Blackberry or a Palm Pre, and I didn’t want to leave Verizon (they are the most stable company I can find when I drive up into the Colorado Rockies, or down to the Great Sand Dunes).

I saw the ad, and immediately and out loud, said “I am getting that.” And I am, this month, when my contract is up for renewal.