Your day with the Stanley Cup : What do you do?

Imagine if you will…(and if you’re capable)

You’ve just won the NHL championship. One of the perks is that you get to take the Stanley Cup for a day, and do whatever you like with it. The link I’ve provided is to a brief history of The Cup, and some of its adventures.

What would you do on your day with the cup? Where would you go, who would you see?

It totally figures that the Rangers would be the ones to piss in it.

As for me, I’d have a party.

Potential cup activities: (many are photo ops)

Pictures of son sitting in bowl.
Drive around town in a convertible, cup in passenger seat.
Wear as festive party hat.
Take with, get into any goddamn club I want to.

I would let my cat sit in it. He likes to sit the sink, so I think he would like Lord Stanley’s cup. Lame, but true.

I have, however, already attended a picnic with the Cup. You may envy me now.

My day with the cup.
5 AM Wake up. Fill cup with warm water and shave. Wash cup out.
5:30 Fill cup with Corn Pops and milk. Enjoy. Wash cup out.
6:00 Walk around in front of all the mirrors in the house, naked, posing with the cup. This should take an hour or so.
7:00 Spend quality time watching Sports Center with cup, possibly nap together.
10:00 Make some ramen noodles, eat them out of cup. Wash cup.
11:00 Hit the mall, find a photo booth, and get silly pictures of me and my best friend the cup.
12:00 Go to the Hometown Buffett. Put my food in the cup. Eat. Wash cup yet again.
1 PM Go home, and give fake interviews infront of video camera, holding the cup, thanking all the little people who made this possible.
3:00 Hit the bar. Score free drinks by letting the bartender hold the cup.
7:00 Take cup to my dek hockey game. Use it to hold the water bottles on ice.
9:00 Throw out left over water, fill cup with cans of Coors Light. Have some drinks in the parking lot with the boys.
11:00 Take cup back home, clean it up and spoon for a while.
Midnight- Return cup to Little Big Fat, because I so admire his designer sweat suits.

Parade it around Hartford with the rest of the re-formed Hartford Whalers
[Hey, if I’m winning the Cup I can resurrect my old team too]

Have my name engraved on it, fill it with beer and a bunch of straws then spend the rest of the day charging for a slurp. Edmonton fans will do anything to touch the thing again.

How about line the top with foil, put some charcoal in it, and have a bbq?

Somewhere, Mike Liut is smiling.

I would try and freak out the guy who guards it. Maybe dash out the backdoor, grab a replica that I had previously stashed, and throw it into a burning trash barrel. Oh, the hilarity! :smiley:

I don’t really like to lug heavy things around, so I’d spend the morning rigging it up on a skateboard and then attaching a leash to it so I could drag it around after me.

actually discussed this the other day - one of those stupid cable sportstalk shows asked what was the best trophy in sports. I said if they said anything else it was the Dumbest Damn Sports Show Period.

Assuming I was a Ranger:

Pick it up at the Garden.
Take train home, letting everyone see.
Walk home from station holding up the Cup.
Have cookout. invite friends.
Guess what I use to hold my beer that day?

I’m thinking I’d have a little fun on e-bay.

If I was feeling especially naughty, I might take the Cup off of Stanley and fondle his nether-regions.
Otherwise, I would probably just photograph it in unique locales, e.g. on the beach with a Bud Light, at the laundromat taking a spin cycle, etc.

Take it to my hockey rink and skate victory laps.

Drink champagne out of it.

hardyCam featuring the Stanley Cup

Baptize my best friends “Walk with Denis Savard, for he is the holiest of the BlackHawks. Fearest not the tossers of octupi”

Lots of cuddling

use to to pick up chick and like BLUR, score free drinks with it.

I used to think they were always holding it upside down for some odd reason of tradition. Then I realized the bitsy lil cup goes on the top. I was saddened. I wanted the cup to be the BIG part.

So I would take lots of pics of it upside down ie the “right way up” as I thought when I was younger.