Your dog bites an intruder inside your house -- liability?

If someone breaks into your house, and your dog bites him, can you be charged with anything? Can the intruder sue you over it? Well, okay, anyone can sue over anything – can he realistically win a suit?

Does it matter what kind of dog it is, or how bad the bite is?

It’s been stated many times on this board that you’re not allowed to set traps to harm/kill intruders, but could owning a large, territory protective dog fall under the same rules?

I would imagine it would be covered by most household liability insurance, just like someone falling on the steps.

I know, that’s only half an answer, but it’s a consideration.

Here are some answers from an older thread

Ah, that seems to cover my concerns! Thanks for the link.

If you have a dog like that, maybe you need a pit in the basement too to put the chewed up intruders in.

“It puts the lotion on it’s skin . . . .”