Your experiences with products & services pitched on Shark Tank (or equilvalent shows outside USA)

I recently purchased a 12-pack box of Third Wave Water minerals which was pitched on Shark Tank Season 9 Episode 3. Each pack has a finely tuned mineral content to be added to 1 gallon distilled water for coffee brewing. The coffee taste is enhanced to compared to typical straight tap water or filtered tap water. I endorse! I aim to place another order after current stock runs low. I got the ‘Classic Profile’ packs for regular drip brew and there is also a different mineral mix for espresso which I have not tried.
The IcyBreeze cooler with cool air blower is tempting but I haven’t made the purchase yet since I do not camp very often and price is a bit high $$$. Maybe later.

SDMBers…Do you have any experiences with *Shark Tank *pitched products and/or services? Or, products/services of similar shows based in other countries?

My friend gave me one of those Scrub Daddy sponges which I found to be completely useless. The science they applied to it is completely ass-backwards. If you use it with cold water it’s very rigid. Use it with warm water and it becomes soft and spongy.
So if you’re washing dishes and have some stubborn stuck on food that you’d like to get off with some warm/hot soap & water and a rigid sponge the thing is worthless.

I have a Simply Fit Board which I really like and use quite often. I don’t watch the show, but from the marketing it says it originated on Shark Tank.

I like the show but can’t stand most of the Sharks. I don’t really want to purchase anything that would benefit them.

I know, I know…nose/face spite.

I have several Mission Belts and buckles (ratcheting), and I love them. And when one of them broke they replaced it for free.

There is a Tom & Chee by my house.

Pretty damn tasty stuff.

I read about InstaFire fire starters online and bought some just before a “glamping” trip over Thanksgiving weekend. I didn’t do the fire lighting, my cousin did, and conditions weren’t anywhere near hostile when it comes to fire. But I did see him light an indoor and an outdoor fire with them so…they musta worked?

I’m not sure of the name, but I think it’s called the Hover Dome. It’s a splatter guard for the microwave. It has magnets on top so you can stick it to the inside top of your microwave when it’s not in use. It works great and I don’t have to store it anywhere.

I’ve bought the Drop Stop Seat Gap Filler for all my family members (and for myself, too). That’s a family-full of thumbs-ups for this product!

My wife liked the ice cream from a few years ago. I don’t remember what it was, though.

I only discovered Shark Tank within the last year or so: I’ve learned about a lot of products via reruns, not when they originally aired. I’m watching the current season’s episodes more-or-less when they air, though.

The first product I was inspired to check out is still the one I love the most: Lumio. I haven’t ordered one yet, because I haven’t been able to think of a situation where I’d need one and they’re kind of pricey. But it’s only a matter of time.

I tried to order some Pipcorn right after I saw that rerun, but Amazon didn’t have the flavor I wanted in stock. I guess I didn’t want to order from the Pipsnacks website…or maybe they didn’t have the e-commerce set up yet? Anyway, I still might try this product someday.

More recently, I was pretty impressed with the RokBlok. If I hadn’t just bought a new turntable a few months ago, I’d probably get one.

Whenever I’m ready to jump back into online dating, I *love *the idea of Hater. :cool: I’ll have to see if there are enough users in my area when the time comes.

In May I ordered a Comfort Click belt after seeing them on a rerun, without realizing that Mission Belt was the original (and I don’t remember any of the sharks asking about/mentioning that!). I have yet to wear it, though, because you have to assemble it: the buckle gets attached to the end of the belt using “teeth,” and I lack the physical strength to push them all the way down/in. I assume it comes this way so the belt can be trimmed if needed, but seven months later it’s still sitting in its box. I still think it could be a good belt for me, though, so eventually I’ll remember to ask someone for help.

I don’t watch Shark Tank, but I saw the Lumio in a catalogue and really liked it, so I put it on my Chanukah wish list. I received it yesterday as a gift. So far, it seems to work well, and is very beautiful. I’ll have to report back after I’ve had it a while to let you know if there are any issues.

Holy Crap cereal is a good product with a good reputation in Canada, after having appeared on Dragons’ Den.

Oooh, lucky! :slight_smile:

I used Dude Wipes/ after having a coupon for them not realizing they were a shark tank product. I actually did quite like them, unlike other flushable wipes these didn’t clump or tear easily and I liked the easy open plastic top (as opposed to other brands where it’s just a resealable plastic cover) I forgot how much they cost compared to other brands but I’d pay $1 more for them over other brands.

I buy Batam Bagels at least once a week at Starbucks. I like them a lot.

I have no complaints about my Scrub Daddy.

It does its job and the material is gentler than green scrubbies or the scrubbies found on some sponges. The “finger holds” (i.e., eyes) make it easier to hold to get into crevices. IIRC the “smile” can be used as either an handhold or for cleaning silverware.

There’s now a “Scrub Mommy” out there. I saw it the last time I was in Bed Bath & Beyond but I didn’t examine it close enough to say what it is.

It’s not supposed to soften in cold water, btw.

I own the Omega Christmas Tree stand.

It’s awesome