Your Favorite All-Time Top 25 College Football Team

According to College Football Data Warehouse these are the Top 25 All Time Team Rankings.

Which is your favorite of them all?


I went there and attended most of the home games from 1997-2001. Great time to be a Michigan fan(then, I mean). :slight_smile:

Ahem, that’s The Ohio State.

And that’s the closest I have to a home team (I’m from Cleveland), so it’s what I picked.

My alma mater, Ga Tech:

We need a poll on your least favorite AP Top 25 team. I’d be hard press to come up with just one. Notre Dame, SoCal, Ohio St would be fighting hard for my vote.

I have old school hate for Notre Dame and Michigan but I at least respect them. Florida State, LSU and USC I can’t say the same about.

I don’t understand. There are teams on that list that aren’t even in the SEC.

Amazing, isn’t it?

User name says it all. Go Blue!

Pitt is it!

I don’t like that web site’s factoring. Top 4 bowls (I assume) are the Rose, Cotton, Sugar and Orange. Since the Pac 10 and Big 10 had the lock on the Rose Bowl until the BCS (and they still try to hook the two conferences in the game if they can), that sort of skews the data, doesn’t it?

I didn’t look at the formula they used, but it shouldn’t include just those 4 bowls. Hell, the Fiesta bowl has been part of the old New Year’s Day line-up for about 25 years now

I’m a former Catholic from northern Indiana. I still wear the blue and gold, even after years in Tennessee. But…I root wholeheartedly for the Vols unless they’re playing ND.


Penn State and Miami should be moved up to 9th and 10th on that list. There is no way that LSU, Tennessee or Georgia are ahead of either of them. There is some obvious SEC bias in that ranking.

What’s the good word?

I was amazed to look further down the list and see that Boston College was only a few slots ahead of Brown. I guess the Ivy League really did matter at one time.