Your favorite automobile

My favorite vehicle is a GMC Sierra long bed because it has saved my butt so many times. Have to like that.

I’ve wanted a Ford Mustang since I was 7.

I’d have to pick a favorite car, first.

The one I’m leaning toward is from an American company, but much of the development was farmed out to an English company, and I think the construction was done there, too.

Lamborghini. Any model.

The AC/Ford Cobra? Tesla Roadster? Hennessey Venom GT? If you mean the DeLorean, it was mostly designed by Lotus but built in Northern Ireland.

I was wondering if someone would try to guess.The Ford GT40. The impetus to create it came from Henry Ford II, after Enzo Ferrari cut off negotiations to sell his company to Ford. Design and development was done by Lola Cars in England. According to Wikipedia, the first chassis was constructed by Abbey Panels of Coventry, but it doesn’t say if they were all built there or not.But I’m not even sure that’s my favorite car. If I have to choose among the ones I’ve owned, there aren’t enough to make it interesting. If I have to choose among every car ever made, there are just too damn many really, really nice cars.

I shall have to win the lottery, more than once, and report back.

Studebaker Avanti, corporate headquarters in South Bend, Indiana, USA.

My 1993 Saturn, which I’m still driving. Great car.

Of the cars I’ve owned, my favorite is the one I’m driving now, a BMW 335xi. My dream car would probably be a Porsche 911 Carrera. As for quantity, we’ve owned more Honda’s over the years than anything else and have always been pleased with them.

That is an interesting choice, to me it is 7/8ths of the way to a very pretty car. From the front arches forward it looks like they either ran out of money or their 5 year old grabbed the pen!

To drive,
In a little darker burgundy.

For sheer mowing-down-the-competition gorgeousness, I like this one.

The rest were built at Ford’s UK plant in Dagenham, so not really farmed out, exactly.

Unfortunately, Saturn’s no longer headquartered in the US, but there wasn’t an option for “Heaven” I suppose.

For me it’s the E-Type. Simply utterly beautiful.

Followed by the AM DB-5.

Both choices purely for aesthetics, though.

Range rover hands down!

As the Lotus 7 is long out of production I will submit the Caterham in its stead.

Well, I’m willing to admit that it isn’t for everyone. :smiley:

Switzerland made the list?
Exactly which hot selling Swiss brand of car are you referring to?

Rinspeed, maybe. They’ve built a bunch of cool stuff over the years (though mostly they just modify other people’s stuff).

Hey, variety is the spice of life. I’m a fan of the sz Alfa and I know how that divides opinion.