Your favorite automobile

For your favorite automobile, where is the corporate headquarters located?

Please “reply” with your favorite make and model.

I’ve been a fan of Toyota for over 25 years. My first 'Yota was a Starlet, then a Corolla FX16 (what a little pocket rocket that was!), and finally a Camry. I actually have 2 Camrys – mine has nearly 225,000 miles, and my wife’s has somewhere around 130,000 miles.

Porsche - 911, Cayman, Cayenne. I haven’t driven a Panamera yet but am a little intrigued.

Honda Accord, although as the Accords get bigger, we may downsize to a Civic the next time we buy a car. Today’s Civics are way roomier than our first Accord.

For me, the most important things about a car are reliability (minimal repairs outside of scheduled maintenance) and longevity. Our Accords have given us both: we finally gave up on our '86 Accord ~7 years ago with 254,000 miles on it; our 2000 Accord is at 201,000 miles and still seems to have plenty of life in it; and our 2009 Accord is still pretty early in its life cycle, with just over 40K miles.

Favorite make that we’ve personally owned (or leased, or at least have driven), or our ideal choice (even if we’ve only driven it in a video game/sim)?

I consider the convertible Jaguar XJS to be the most beautiful car ever built but I’ve never driven nor ridden in one. It may be a piece of crap but it’s still my favorite.

Either one would be great, thanks

Tough call for me between the Lancia Stratos or the Alfa 8C

But both are Italian anyway so it didn’t bugger up the poll.

Aston Martin.

That is all.

Buick Park Avenue. Call me bourgeois, I don’t mind.

Someone here just bought George Harrison’s DB 5. The anchor reported on the story from the front seat of a DB 7. Nice.

I picked Japan to reflect the car I currently own, a Nissan Altima Coupe - it’s by far my favorite car of all that I’ve owned, but that speaks more to the utter crappiness or banality of the other cars (two Focuses, an old Nissan Sentra, an old Toyota pickup, and a beater Oldsmobile). It’s a decent little car, but a bit under-powered, and the fit-finish could have been a bit better.

If I were to choose any car made today, I’d have to go with Germany, for the BMW Z4 - IMO, it has the most beautiful lines of any car currently in production (ETA: in it’s current skin, not the dreadful design up till 2009).

Have had one of these before, and have another I’m restoring now. I know their reputation, but I’ve never been left stranded once in all my years of driving them. Timeless lines in that Pininfarina designed body, which stayed almost unchanged for 19 years.

Of the vehicles I’ve owned, my favorites have been my two 4Runners. If I had the money I’d buy another one in a heartbeat.

I voted for Italy because I’ve always loved Lamborghini. When I was a kid, the Diablo was the coolest car of all time. Now, the Aventador is their top of the line model. If I could ever come up with $370k to blow on a car, it would be mine.

Datsun’s 240Z… impeccable styling!

I voted for UK (Aston Martin, see above) but I would almost give it all up for for Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder.

That car is almost ridiculously pretty.

Tessla Roadster - US

My dream car has always been the Porsche 959, which was built from 1986 to 1989. I’d probably opt for the K(omfort) version with uprated dampers if I had my choice.

Honda Civic hybrid is the one for me.