What Is Your Favorite Car That You Owned?

So I just replaced my 1990 light blue Dodge Dynasty. I got an 88 Honda Accord. Low mileage, absolutely perfect interior, good engine, transmission, and tires, and cheap. Sunroof, baby! Needs a little pimpin’- some window tint, decent stereo, scraping of AARP stickers, but I am liking this car. Don’t like so much that you have to lock the driver’s door with a key from the outside, but whatayagonna do?

In the last few years, I have owned many cars. My favorite was the '01 Pontiac Grand Am. That was a sweet car- never broke down on me on the street. The radio stays on until you open the door, love that.

The Die-Nasty I HATED. Soft, cushy ride, but that sumbitch left me stranded on the street many times. It broke down in the drive thru at McD’s (how embarassing for me), sprung a gas hose on a long trip, broke down and dumped a half tank of gas at rush hour (seperate incident from the gas hose), and many more incidents. It got so I couldn’t hardly stand to even look at her, there towards the end. Goodbye, Nasty, and good riddance! (Although, with 6 cylinders and a 3.0 engine, she could GO when you told her to, as long as she wasn’t at the mechanic’s- I liked that part.)

Also had a 95 Escort, without the silly-looking spoiler on the back. Decent little car, I have to say. Bought it 5 years old, and it had contruction-orange homemade seat belts that I couldn’t replace fast enough. Didn’t break down on me very often, decent basic transportation.
What cars have you loved, liked, or hated?

1956 Pontiac

yeah, I’m old…

I love my current truck. A 2001 Dodge RAM 3500. It has the Cummins turbo diesel engine. I modified it just a little. I have about twice the stock horse power so it moves pretty well. Very comfortable for long trips. Lots of space to carry stuff. Not as bad of a gas hog as my last truck. I also love my brothers and moms Porshces.


I had a 60-something Rambler. God but I loved that car. The ex drove it through a fence during a police chase. It was pale yellow with a black top. I think I paid $400 for it. I was crushed when it breathed its last.

1995 Mazda 626. That thing was an absolute tank. It could go through 8 inch piles of snow without a problem and was rearended twice with no damage apart from scratches on the rear bumper. It had amazing pick-up and brakes, too. I don’t know much about cars, but that car was absolutely perfect for me.

Ah,I have very fond memories of driving that car in winter. Nothing could stop it.

My favorite car was the first one hubby and I bought together. It was a Geo Metro hatchback with a manual transmission. It had little problems, like: the front windows kept falling down into the doors, and the back windows kept coming unbolted and would flap in the wind, giving the car the look of a charging ladybug. But it got stupendous gas milage, was zippy and mostly reliable. As soon as we got it paid off we painted it a floral-themed, multicolored paisley. Then it was really fun to drive!

My Ferrari 355…

I wish… :wink: Actually I loved my 1986 Toyota P/U 4x4. Good gas mileage, dependable, pretty (when I bought it new, less so afterwards) and a lot of fun going off road with. Put 286,000 miles on it, with a lot of them being off road miles.

Probably the first one I bought with my own money.

1989 Volvo 240 DL.

I drove it from Maine to Oregon and back again with all my shit in it. She was a rock. I sold it to a friend in like 2001, and he ran it into a telephone pole within months.

Whoa. Can’t drop a bomb like that and not elaborate further. Do tell…

Early 80s Ford Ranger (even with the lack of A/C and radio).

Comfy, could haul well, decent mileage, didn’t need silly things like keys to start it.

It was easy enough for me to understand and repair (rebuild carb, replace valve cover gasket, filters and pcv valve, timing belts, ignition box, and other small things) and was the closest thing to my ‘ultimo car’ I could get - the Bronco II.

Didn’t “own” it as my folks wanted cars in their names instead of ours, but it was effectively mine from the day it came home until the day I left (five years? it died shortly thereafter.)

When I was 20 I bought a ‘cherry’ 1977 Camaro Lt. It only had a 305 but a California Transmission that allow for great Acceleration and a cruising speed of 70-75. I Blew out a Mustang with it going 0-140 in under 3 minutes. I was able to take it up the Coronado Bridge with 3 passengers 0 from the Tolls to 60 in 9 seconds. Nice Machine.
I loved that car, I drove it cross country 3 times. She never let me down. I had personally rebuilt the Alternator, Carburetor and a successful Valve Job.

This was around 1986, in 1991 I wrecked her on an Icy day when I hit a telephone pole. The car is long gone but I still miss it. I hope that when GM puts out the new 2009 Camaro they offer a hybrid so I can buy one and not feel guilty.


I dont’ know much about cars, but the car that I truly loved was my second one (husband totalled my first one). It was early '80’s Honda Accord, standard transmission, sunroof, gray with gray interior.

I knew that car inside and out–I knew what it could do, what to expect from it, how to handle it in all weathers. We traded it in for a station wagon. :frowning:

I still miss driving stick.


Just before Chritmas I got rid of my 99 Ford Ranger and picked up a 328is. I’ve never owned or even driven anything this sweet. The Ranger was a great vehicle for the most part and did it’s job as a light work truck. The lil black shiny car has brought back the joy of driving and I use any excuse I can to go for a drive.

In 1971, I bought a 1967 Austin-Healey 3000 MK III for $1,600. It was Healey Blue, just like in the photo, with the 3 Weber carburetor set up. God, that thing would scream! Had it up to 130 mph once with about 800 rpm still to go before the redline.

Trouble was, I was a college student, and that car was all I had. Every penny I made went into it, and every penny I made after I bought it went into upkeep. The heater never worked, either, and it wasn’t that good in the winter. But on a nice day with the top down - wow!

I sold it 1974 for $2,200, and bought and 1971 BMW 1600. It was better in the winter, and was pretty fun to drive - but not nearly as fun as the Healey.

I’ll tell ya what you’re gonna do: You’re gonna flip the lock to the locked position, then close the door whilst holding the handle up.

Which brings me to my favority car - my 1988 Acura Integra (built by Honda Motors), I was annoyed with having to lock the door with the key, too, until I learned the “trick” I just told you about.

An old Renault Medallion, for no reason other than the seats. To this day, I kick myself for not removing the seats and turning them into furniture after the car died. Far and away the most comfortable I’ve ever been in a vehicle.


Being the MG fanatic you are, I figured you’d like that car, Johnny!

I used to want one of those. They styling is a little ‘before my time’, but I like it. Only I seem to be drawn toward more common cars and the A-H is just a bit too posh for me. Of course if one were to just drop into my lap… :wink: