What Is Your Favorite Car That You Owned?

I’ve driven this car. Many years ago a friend of mine had inherited it from his father.

What a fun car to drive! :slight_smile:

Mine was a toss up between my first new car ever which was a 1991 Passat GL. It was underpowered, sure, but handled like on rails with an amazing suspension and brakes to match.

Another favourite was the 1998 Volvo AWD R. That thing hooked up to the road like nothing else I’ve ever driven. Nothing, not snow, sleet, rain or ice would make it loose it’s track. A bit heavy, a bit hard to keep in the turbo power range (even with the manual tranny)… but I would not want to drive anything else in foul weather.

I’m looking at the new Acura RL AWD now. Well appointed and beautiful design. But I’ll probably go with something Teutonic like the Audi S4/RS4.

There were 2 I loved equally- my 1982 Monte Carlo, which never gave me a days trouble in the time I owned her, and my 1998 Dodge Caravan I just recently sold. Again, not a days trouble. I miss them both.

Biggest heap o’ crap? A cute little metallic forest green Horizon hatchback. I fell in love with the looks, and paid thru the nose. Even had the front axel snap in half driving down a straight, smooth patch of highway… talk about having the crap scared out of you !! :eek:

I had a '93 Ford F150 Lightning that I absolutely adored. Man, was that truck fast, and it got a lot of attention from men at job sites! But it wasn’t so good as a work truck.

Currently, I’m rather fond of my '05 Dodge 2500 with the Cummins Diesel. Like Otanx, I’ve got it modified and it’s got a lot of power. Oh, and twice the mileage of any of my previous trucks. Man, that thing pulls a trailer like it’s not even there! Once I get new and bigger tires on it and a set of extra gauges, it will probably displace my beloved Ford as my favorite vehicle.

I will try that, thanks!

My current one (1994 Mazda RX7, modified) is definitely my favorite car. I love it.
Least favorite: Gotta be the 1987 Ford Taurus I owned many moons ago. Horrible, horrible car.

1996 Chevy Caprice. LT1 engine. 260 horsepower (nice) and !!330!! ft-lbs of torque available at low RPM (super nice).
Really fun to launch. Fun to take the wife to the hospital in, too. VROOOOM.
Never really the same after it got wrecked and fixed, though.

I used to love my 85 Honda CRX, back in the day. Then I got an Acura CL Type-S. Now it’s my favorite car that I have owned.

My wife had an '89 CRX, she ran up 200,000 on it and it never got less than 45 MPG. Fun little car. We sold it to my Brother for $500 when he had to start commuting and then he sold it to a co-worker. (A Honda Mechanic). It is probably still going.


Hmmm… don’t know that there’s a “favorite” as several have been fun for different reasons.

I could probably narrow it down to three:
1973 Riviera, 455 cid
1977 280 Z
1988 560 SL

I had the SL for the longest though and don’t know that I’ll ever sell it so I guess it wins.

My first new car: '79 Pontiac Firebird.

Not really my car, but my husband (then boyfriend) had a 70 Chevy Chevelle which was my favorite car in the world. Anyway, it was red with black stripes, factory hoodpins, and a 357 (I think). He never, ever drove it anywhere without people commenting on it. Anyway, when he got call up for the fist Bush family war, he left it in his mom’s driveway, and yes…she sold it for $500.00. He was crushed. She was so happy, she thought she was doing him a favor. “It was old!” she told him. “I got $500.00!”.

Tears were shed.

That Chevelle was probably a 350, although muscle car enthusiasts will smile at your 357 knowingly. I saw a 454 Chevell go for 130K on Barett-Jackson last night. Awesome cars.

How weird is this: both cars I’ve owned are my favorites.

I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy driving my '71 Chevy pickup, but boy am I glad to have my 2001 Malibu now. Much easier on me during road trips, and much better gas mileage.

:slight_smile: Never had a 56, but I’ve had a 55, two 58’s, one 59, two 61’s, two 63’s (Grand Prix), two or three 66’s (all Tempests, I think), one 69, and one 92 (GrandAm). (We had to sell four cars when we left Seattle.)

My current car is my favorite, a 99 Camry. I just loaned it to hubby’s son to drive to Florida, and I was SO glad to get it back. It’s comfortable, trouble-free, the controls are logically placed, and it’s kinda cute for a granny car.

If I could go back in time and buy a new car, I’d get a Chevy II. I thought those were The Bomb.

Of the four vehicles that I’ve owned, I like our current one (2000 Chevy Venture with 45K) the most. Finally something that I can get in & out of without needing to try to contort my body into a pretzel! I really missed it when it was at CarMax for a week and we had to make do with a 2005 Taurus instead.

Of all the cars I’ve ridden in, I have a soft spot for the green Opel GT that one of my sisters owned when I was a kid.

I adore my '99 Corolla. So comfy, so zippy, so dependable. I almost never want to buy anything else.

YES! 93 Rx7 R1 here. It’s mostly stock and has been a bit of a project car.

Technically it’s owned by my SO, though I’ve been the one driving it lately. [He prefers the 450+ hp AWD Talon - so I get the pretty car :wink: ] (Especially after my previous cars - 86 Accord & 90 Maxima). I definitely enjoy the R1. It’s a sexy little car.

Any one that runs and doesn’t break down (alot) :slight_smile: That’s what working in the automotive industry does to you.

My current car, an 03 Beetle.

'66 Pontiac GTO. 389 4V/Powerglide. Pale gold with a black vinyl top. Had hubcaps when I got it but I replaced with later style Rally II rims. Power windows and AC!
Not in showroom condition but it looked really nice and I kept it CLEAN! Owned it from 1977-87.