Your favorite Beatle

Yeah, I know the whole idea of having a “favorite Beatle” is nearly 40 years out of date, but maybe there are people who remember what that was like. Or can “Imagine.”

Yeah, my favorite Beatle is totally John Lennon.

Let’s take a poll.

George. Krishna rest his soul. Or reincarnate it, whatever. It’s all good.

The quiet Beatle, George Harrison.

Oh, well, I certainly liked Johm. and Paul was, at the time, an innovative bassist. Goerge was always underappreciated, but some guys have to bear the brunt of change and, well, I don’t know, maybe I do have a favorite.


I was born in 1964 (the year the Beatles came to America) and my name is Paula (shhh, don’t tell anyone). I’ve told my kids that I was named after Paul. Complete lie, of course - my parents weren’t into the rock scene.

I think John comes in slightly ahead of George for me.

I’ve always been a little contrary to the crowd and George was my favorite too.


George is way out ahead.

Then Ringo [sic].

Then Paul.

And that’s all of them, right?

– CH

Paul is to proper and normal.
Ringo is too stupid.
George is too quiet.
Johm seems like he could ba an asshols sometimes.
I would have to pick George or John. I can’t decide between the two.

Mine is definitely Paul. He just seems the most musicianly to me besides George, and that’s something I readily identify with. Plus, I like Wings, if later influences count (and I hope they do, since I was born in 1980).



Definitely John. Definitely.

I mean, John rules but George was always a very close second in my view. He got me started on Indian music and all.

Probably Paul…no it’s definitley John…then again, I’ll just go with George…you know what, Ringo, Ringo’s the one…but…

Must I really just choose one?


John - the smart one :slight_smile:

Pete and Stewart rock :smiley:

It’s a close one, but I’m gonna say John.

Jin, you already know that. :smiley:

John… Although he does have terrible posture.