Your favorite blogs

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What are some of the blogs you like best? Which would you recommend to others? One of my favorites is 3 Quarks Daily. (The existence and coolness of this blog may be old news to many of you. I’m not as hip and with it. I found out about this blog about a month ago.)

My husband is a fan of the Cockpit Chronicles section of Gadlings , a blog about airplanes and air travel.

Please share–what are some of your favorite blogs? I’m always interested in learning about new and interesting things to read. crazy antics of Rob Cockerham rags on celebrities. on celeb rags.

Andrew Sullivan and James Lileks are about the only two I read with any frequency, though I often read postings from blogs linked to on other sites (Huffington Post, for instance).

I’ll read a blog every day for a few months, then move on to something else. Currently, I’m checking these two everyday. They amuse me. - pictures of cakes that shouldn’t have been. Hilarious - customer service stories.

Chances are pretty good I was introduced to both of these from SDMB though.

I read, because how could you not love a blog that had this entry about a 1970’s JC Penney catalog?

The aforementioned Cake Wrecks is a great one.

I enjoy The Daily Coyote. It’s a woman living in a Wyoming cabin who raised a coyote after his parents were killed. She posts a photograph every day, and the photos are amazing.

It’s pretty lowbrow but I also love Hot Chicks with Douchebags

I’ve been thinking about starting this thread for a week now!

My current favorites:
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman (she’s hilarious! And there’s cooking!)
Here be Hippogriffs
Smitten Kitchen
Ask Moxie
Hands Full of Rocks (this is former Doper Hedra’s blog)
I like Cake Wrecks, too.

The Dilbert Blog is pretty darn good. IMO, it’s perfect for Dopers - Scott Adams is one clever cookie with a sense of humour (obviously), and always coming up with interesting hypotheticals about solving the terrorist problem, the political problems, alternate energy, etc