What are your favoite blogs?

The blog I frequent most is Fishbowl DC. Sometimes I visit Powerline.

I’m pretty sure that Fishbowl was the first (or covered the first) blogger ever in the White House press room. Pretty cool regardless. I really like the coverage of Fishbowl.

Powerline is very well written by these 3 lawyer guys. I enjoy the quality, but it is a republican biased blog, so sometimes I don’t agree on the sides taken on the issues. I don’t let that stop me from quality content and I keep an open mind with every issue. (Something that can make blogging more enjoyable.)

Also, I sometimes wander off to the links on Fishbowl. I am a subscriber of The Week magazine, so that’s how I found it.

What are yours?

Red Mosquito

Not to pee on one’s parade, but I hate blogs.

Cooking for Engineers
Overheard in New York
You Knit What??
For a few of my Bloglines feeds

http://worldwiderant.com when I’m in the mood for militant atheism

http://lotsofco.org when I’m in a vapid mood

http://intheagora.com when I’m in the mood for cross-sectional conservative angles

I guess plugging your own is out of the question? :slight_smile:

For those interested in how Hong Kong ticks, fumier gives the reflections of a 20-some year expat with lots of local knowledge. Attracts a lot of comments too, if you like the more interactive type of approach.


I also remember seeing one somewhere that a citizen of Afghanistan or Iraq had. He wrote about his daily life with the pressence of American forces taking out the trash. I don’t remember the link or the name of the site, but it’s out there if somebody wants to find it. I think it won an award or a mention on a national level.

I like Overheard in Dublin. Less thinking, more drinking.

I hate most blogs too. Most blogs that are not just rants about politics (not culture or society either, just What Pundit X Or Politician Y Did Or Said Today) are pretty much What I Did Today With My Really Cool Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Otherfriends.

Let’s not even mention the 7 billion desiccating husks of cobweblogs littering the dark crannies of cyberspace. Check back in 3 months for more hot news from My Dusty Little Corner of the Web! :rolleyes: :o

There’s only one, the Going Underground London tube blog.

There is, I suppose, my very own Poker Blog :wink: