Your favorite Bugs Bunny scene

Pretty simple, what are your favorite Bugs scenes?

I have two off the top of my head.

Bugs is held by mobsters. He pretends that the cops are there:

Hide me, hide me…
Hide me too, hide me too…
Would I throw a lighted match if my friend …
You might rabbit, you might…

I still will sometimes say: You might, rabbit, you might, when someone says: Would I do xxxx…

The other one is the abominable snow man.
I will name him George and I will hug him and pet him and squeeze him. When I’m feeling silly and my dog is jumping all over me I’ll say something like: I will hug her and squeeze her and call her George. She will even sometimes to George.

Several of my all-time favorites are musical numbers:

“Hit him again, that Critter ain’t dead…”
And if your musical tastes are a bit more highbrow…

(I love the deadpan expression on Bugs’ face.)


It’s gotta be What’s Opera, Doc?

*Oh Bwunhilda, you’re so wovvwy

Yes I know it, I can’t help it…

“Monsters must lead such IN-teresting lives!”

“Pick up pie!”

For one of my son’s piano recitals, he played an arrangement of “The Pilgrim’s Chorus” from Tannhauser. I drove him crazy by singing “Oh, Bwunhilda, you’re so wuv-wey!” whenever he got to that part.

My fave scene has no dialogue. The scene in the bullfight where Bugs lays out some grease that leaves the bull flying through the air, first over a brush filled with glue that paints its chest and stomach, then over large piece of sandpaper that adheres to the glue, then over a match which the sandpaper strikes, igniting it, and igniting a trail of gunpowder that reaches a pile of dynamite … just as the bull is sailing over it. The bull’s expressions are wonderful in this scene.

That is my favourite as well.

“You monsters are such interesting creatures! I was just saying to my girlfriend, just the other day, ‘Monsters are such interesting people! Why I’ll bet they lead such interesting lives!’ The things you must see and the things you must do! My stars!”

Bugs And Monster (Gossamer)

Too many to mention - I love all the ones you’ve named.

I’ll add:

“a-HA! Pronoun trouble!..”

“You’re so next!”

…and put in a plug for the DVD Looney Tunes Golden Collections - watch them with my kids all the time…nice to see how easily the material still works on kids.

The scene from “Mississippi Hare,” where Col. Shuffle plays the banjo to Bugs’ Camptown Races.

Bingo! That has always been my favourite too… couldn’t found a complete version on YouTube however.

Iggity aggity oop enh enh
Ziggity zaggity zoop onk onk
Ooo ooo (flipth)
Uh uh (pthbt)
Flibbity flabbity floop.
It’s yoiys.

It’s the “It’s yoiys” that nails it for me.

I love a bunch, including many already posted, but there’s one I can picture in my head but forget the context or even who the other character in the scene is. The other character (Elmer?) shakes his head vigorously, Bugs shakes his questioningly, Elmer (?) shakes his head again and then Bugs nods his head with such a smile it is hilarious and then does something horribly funny to Elmer. I wish I can remember more but I can see Bugs nodding and even now I am laughing.

Some others:
“Pismo beach and all the clams we can eat!”

“South America, take her away!”

“Briker Bracker, Fire Cracker, Ziss Boom Bah, Bugs Bunny, Bugs Bunny Rah Rah Rah!!!”

I’ll stop before my edit window closes but there are a bunch. love Bugs!

One of my favorites too.

I’ll add (and am surprised it has not been mentioned yet) any of a number of scenes with Marvin the Martian.

Operation Rabbit

From that famous opening line of, “Allow me to introduce myself: Wile E. Coyote, Genius.” I was hooked.

Personal favorite is possibly “I’m looking over a 3-leafed clover that I’ve over-looked be-three…!”

PS- I live for the day when Sheldon from Big Bang Theory tries to approach a girl with a portable fold-up door. :wink:

That cartoon also shows how good Bugs is at playing the straight man to the antics of Daffy or the demonstrations of temper by Yosemite Sam-thinking of course of him having to deal with Daffy’s compulsive greed throughout the entire cartoon, specifically the final scene with the pearl:

“It’s minemineallmine! Gogogomineminemine! I’mahappymiser!”

The droll “Oh brother. Close Sesame…” line that Bugs delivers next is absolutely priceless.

The last one.(you Tube link)

1.When he plays baseball, and beats IIRC, the Yankees, singlehanded.
2.Playing Blackjack agaisnt Yosemite Sam, using a 21 card.

The first half of Hare-way to the Stars is pure gold.
Starting out with a (hungover?) Bugs regretting his night: “I’ll never mix radish juice and carrot juice again…”,
but the best part is when he finally realizes he’s on a rocket: “No wonder I’m so slee-” (noticing Earth zooming away from him, is struck almost speechless) “-pey?” (the last syllable just floors me)

IIRC, I think Bugs beat that French-Canadian guy (Blacque Jacque Shellacque?) with the one-card 21, but I could be wrong.

Hillbilly Hare - Bugs leading the two bushy-bearded hillbillies through a self-destructive square dance.
Grab a fence post
Hold it tight
Whomp yer partner
Wit’ all yer might
Hit 'im in the shin
Hit 'im in the head
Hit 'im again
The critter ain’t dead
Whomp 'im low and whomp 'im high
Stick yer finger in his eye
Pretty l’il rhythm
Pretty l’il sound
Bang yer head against the ground*

Duck season

Rabbit season