Your favorite condiment

No, not the hot pink ones with the ribbing.

I’m thinking of condiments, relishes, accompaniments. Stuff you like on the side, but that doesn’t qualify as a side dish. For example, not french fries.

Do you like pickles on everything? Olives? Or sweet chili sauce? Salsa? Or some other wonderful bottled thing that I’ve never heard of but once I taste it, I won’t be able to live without it? I would like to broaden my personal condiment usage databank. I don’t want to miss out on anything.

One of my standards is cranberry sauce. It’s not just for holidays. It’s great with any kind of sausage or ham. Not ON a sandwich or anything, but bite of sandwich, bite of cranberry–yum.

I’ve been putting hummus on more and more things these days, so I’ll go with hummus.

A great kosher style dill pickle is a year round staple.

Also a fan of cranberry sauce. Especially the whole fruit one from the Ocean Spray can. I see very little reason to bother to make my own from scratch.

My other favourite is A1 sauce, Thick&Hearty. That pretty much goes with any kind of meat on my plate, except poultry (see, cranberry sauce).

Sweet chili sauce and Sriracha sauce for anything asian.

Have never been a big fan of Mexican/TexMex cooking but there are others in the house who are and so there’s always salsa and pickled jalapenos and taco sauce in the fridge.

The fridge is otherwise riddled with a variety of ketchups and mustards and giardinieras.

Well you’re missing out! A slice of canned cranberry sauce is pretty incredible on the right sandwich. I’m a tomato snob, so I only eat BLTs in the summer, but throughout the rest of the year I’ll have a BLAC (Bacon, Lettuce And Cranberry)

Try it, I promise it’s good!

I’m very partial to fried peppers and onions as condiment. I also like the olive salad used on muffaletta sandwiches very much. It’s good on lots of things.

Ooooo! Does sound good! And you can always find a can of cranberry sauce, whereas sandwich-worthy tomatoes are hard to come by even in the summer unless you grow your own. I will definitely try it.

Yeo’s Sweet Chili Sauce.

I always have serval bottles on hand, in my pantry, and use it on everything from eggs to noodles.

It’s delicious! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

Sriracha by a mile.

If we can pick a category than I’d say mustard. I usually have at least 7 kinds on hand.
If I have to go with a single choice I’ll take giardiniera.

All right! I will look for it.

No rules here. What kind of mustard do you like best? I like the hot-sweet kind, where it’s sweet on your tongue then you get hit in the sinuses with a horseradish icepick.

That reminds me: I love horseradish. It has the blistering kick of jalapenos without actually burning your lips or the roof of your mouth. I love these chili-lime-wheat puff things (they’re kind of like vegetarian pork rinds), but if you eat most of a bag of them, the roof of your mouth can be blistered the next day.

Also like the hint of wasabi that seems to be in everything these days.

Chipotle, however, is overdone. In fact, I’m tired of smoky flavors in general.

Crystal Hot Sauce. I put it on absolutely everything.

Whiskey cocktail sauce on raw veggies. Especially cauliflower.

I used to hate whisky cocktail sauce. Tasteless stuff in bottles that never got finished after the bbq you bought them for was over. The bottle of sauce just took up space in the fridge, with an unappealing discolored ring of dried out sauce on the edge of the bottle, untill it got thrown out. Blegh.

Then I discovered that I can make my own whiskey cocktail sauce, with stuff I already have. The recipe is insultingly simple.

Put a tablespoon of mayonaise, a tablespoon of tomato ketchup, and a table spoon of whiskey in a little bowl and mix.

That’s it.

The quantities don’t really matter. It will become a little more pink with more tomatoketchup. A bit more creamy with more mayo, a bit thinner with more whiskey. But it always tastes good.
More surprisingly, the mix tastes like whiskey cocktailsauce, not like the simple mix of three simple things that it is. The taste is really complete, intricate, a thing of its own. I wish all cooking was this easy.

Somebody started a Tiger Sauce thread a few days ago. So I tried it for the first time after reading that thread and now I’m hooked.
Sriracha is also a favorite of mine.

Mustard. I have good old yellow, severald types of brown, horseradish, chinese, habenero and dijon at the moment. A mustard for every meal.

I’ve never heard of this. But now I must try it.

Ballpark Mustard and Rising Hy’s Devil Salt.

Horseradish sauce. Doesn’t go with everything but I try.

The basics like ketchup, mayo, mustard, and relish will never go out of style.

But in addition to those, I use a lot of salsa verde these days. I get mine at Trader Joe’s.

Hot sauce.

Between the fridge at home and my desk drawer at work, I keep about a dozen kinds on hand.

Are pine nuts a condiment? If so, pine nuts.