What's your favorite condiment?

I searched and couldn’t find this subject already covered, although I just can’t believe that it hasn’t already been discussed. :wink:

My favorite condiment is Beaver’s Honey and Mustard Mayonnaise Sauce. I found it at the grocery store one day and just thought we’d try it. Now we eat it on hot dogs, pretzels, hamburgers, french fries, you name it. It has replaced ketchup and Miracle Whip in our house.

So are you a Hunt’s ketchup person or what’s your favorite?

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Mine is definitly A1 Steak Sauce, the original. I just don’t appreciate steak without it. Good on fries too…
Lemon is my second favorite. I douse all chicken, fish, and veggies with the stuff.mmm mmm

I think that this would taste better in IMHO.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Crushed red pepper flakes


Chocolate syrup.

OK, steak-no sauce. Rare.
Sandwiches-Hellman’s mayonnaise.

I lived at my parent’s house for a few months. I bought mayonnaise. My Mother bought Miracle Whip, but ate my mayonnaise. I complained. She bought more Miracle Whip. We had four full jars of Miracle Whip in the fridge and an empty Hellman’s when I moved out.

Cecil introduced me to Plochman’s mustard which is very good.

Heinz ketchup. It is the king of condiments. There can be no others in the same tier.

Salsa. Mayonnaise is good for sandwiches and ketchup is okay on fries, but salsa is the most versatile of condiments.

I thought about saying hot fudge, but I don’t use that as a condiment.

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Fuckin’ ay!

A-1’s all the way, BAY-BEE! There’s no other.

A-1 goes on steak, burgers, hot dogs, fries, fried chicken, baked chicken, broiled chicken, turkey, fish, meatloaf, ham, roast, hot rolls (used to mop up extra after finishing with the turkey) and just about anything else that used to be alive.

Gyro sauce.

Just plain yogurt, chopped cucumber, and a healthy smattering of garlic. Goes so well with fries, pita bread, Greek salads… it’s the only condiment I could eat without food to put it on!

I like … um … salt.

Just good ol’ down-home country-style Sodium Chloride.

Yaay. Horay for salt.

Hearts that beat as one…

The one I can’t do without is salt. Morton’s coarse Kosher salt. Pure bliss. It melts, no weird chemically taste…

Oh, yeah, Anthracite, Tabasco. Life w/o hot sauce isn’t worth living.

I’m so glad tzatiki, the yogurt/cuke gyro topping, was mentioned. Fresh garlic (and I add a spritz of lime juice)–it’ll cure what ails ya.

Of the bottled sauces, A1. (Heinz 57 is okay, but a bit too sweet for me.)

Real nice. Now I’m hungry…


I’ve got to go with the good old Heinz Ketchup. Though close behind it are Plum Sauce (which goes well with a lot of different food items), Honey Mustard sauce, and Bullseye (sp?) Sauce. I hope the Western Whopper doesn’t go anywhere, anytime soon. Then I’ll have to put the Bullseye on it myself.

Spearmint Ramses is my favorite condom mint.

Tabasco. It goes on most everything I eat. I don’t know how people eat eggs without it.

Tartar sauce.

Especially on french fries…and don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it. Much better than having your fries with mayo.

(runner-up: this can of Cajun-flavored season salt I got in Louisiana)

Heinz Salad Cream mmmmmm.
Also my homemade honey mustard, and Hellman’s.