Your Favorite Double-Entendre Songs

There’s been plenty of crass, overt, or just plain dumb tunes with double meanings over the years, but I think this one was pretty clever and still funny…

Todd Rundgren - You Left Me Sore

Got anything good?

Crass? Overt? Just plain dumb?

I present to you: Given the Dog a Bone

My Handy Man by Alberta Hunter, naturally!

My Ding-a-Ling

“He stopped Loving her today”
George Jones

Pearl Necklace by ZZ Top.

She Bop by Cyndi Lauper. As per Wikipedia:

“Every inch of my love.”

Rosie Jackson Browne

My Girl Billby Jim Stafford.

Big balls ACDC
The jack ACDC

I had another one…I’ll be back.

Edit to include Walkin the dog…various/ Aerosmith favorite

Big Ten Inch Record - Aerosmith

Pink Thing” by XTC

Jellyfish - “He’s My Best Friend”

“…I feel a huuundred heartbeats high” :slight_smile:

Memphis Slim, “Churnin’ Man Blues”

“Chestnut Mare” by the Byrd’s is filled with (supposedly unintentional) sexual innuendo and can be easily interpreted to describe a sexual encounter. He lands “right on top of her and she takes off.” There’s a snake “ready to strike” and she “jumps off the edge.” He falls “down a crevice” with a splash of liquid. “I’m gonna ride her again some day.”

There’s also Telephone Manby Meri Wilson.

Wet Dream by Kip Addotta?

If we’re talking about Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”…there’s nothing double about the entendre in that song. :smiley:

Hands down, My Thing Is My Own, many centuries old but still with wordplay that’s as bawdy and clever as anything since the Industrial Revolution (and quite beautiful musically, too).

Also, from the film WALK HARD (a spot-on parody of the Johnny Cash biopic WALK THE LINE), the immortal “Let’s Duet.”

Squeeze Box

Summer of '69