Your favorite fictional TV Show/Movie President?

With all the movies and tv shows that have a president which one of them is your favorite and wish could be a real one? I think the president from The Sum of All Fears is a very good one and the actor fits the roll

Must be, hands down, Jed Bartlet(t?) from the West Wing. I want a nobel laureate as President! (and I’m from a country that doesn’t even have a President…or that many nobel laureates come to think of it)

Yup. I completely agree (even though he could have picked better VP.s)

Laura Roslin: My president can put your president out an airlock.

tied with…

David Palmer: My president will try to sell you life insurance. But it still sounds really commanding and powerful and sexy. :smiley:

As always, my answer is Nixon’s head from Futurama. “Nixon’s back!!!”

Andy Shepherd from The American President. I disagree with his views on gun control, but the speech he gives at the end of that movie is required viewing in my AmGovt classes.

Harrison Ford’s president from Air Force One. He can kick your ass and handle a submachinegun.

David Palmer is my favorite. That is until we vote Jack Bauer into office.

That’s a great movie and a great speech!

Since Aaron Sorkin wrote both American President and The West Wing, can we say that Pres. Andrew Shepherd and Pres. Jed Bartlet are really the same person?

The presidents in BSG and Jack & Bobby, as well as the presidents played by Morgan Freeman and Geena Davis.

And of course, Idiocracy.

People actually like Laura Roslin? huh…
But then I like David Palmer, even though he was a terrible president. (But Wayne, his brother, isn’t even worth considering.)

Dave from the movie with the same name, pretending to be President Mitchell who, along with his CPA played by Charles Grodin, solved the budget crisis over lunch, and who sang in the shower, “Hail to the Chief, he’s the one we all say ‘Hail’ to…”

Merkin Muffley is my favourite but his foreign policy towards Russia might be a concern to some voters.

Right: during the crisis, he was prepared to negotiate with the Soviet Premier and the Soviet ambassador, rather than (as his advisers suggested) nuke the Soviets back into the stone age. In my view, the best model for handling a serious crisis (even if, due to Soviet stupidity, the crisis led to the End of the World).

I’d much rather have a President who understood economics and how to make decisions / delegate like Bartlett.

Thirded. Ok he came of as a bit … odd, but the man knew how to communicate.
Just watch him deal with a drunken soviet Premiere in explaining that one of his nation’s nuclear wings was already heading into soviet territory ready to Nuke them.

He also knew how to keep his generals in line… well at least the ones who weren’t obsessed with our purity of essence.

If we’re including doppelgangers, then I have to offer up Richard Dreyfus in Moon Over Parador!

President Frankenstein from end of Death Race 2000. He knows how to handle the liberal media.

Jed Bartlet easily first.

Close second is Frederick March as President Jordan Lyman in “Seven Days in May”