Your favorite game apps for phones!

Just that. Preferably ones that don’t require internet connection, just down load and play types.

I’ve never had a cell phone, but hubby got a new one. Since I sometimes text on his, he set his broken (phone part) i phone so I can text and listen to tunes etc. It can surf the net but I can’t always find a connection.

I’m just learning of course, and won’t be doing any installing or configuring, he’ll do that for me. But I’d sure love some suggestions on what games you enjoy playing.

I prefer simple, if that helps at all.

You might want to mention iOS, Android or something else. [Edit: My mistake, I see you said iPhone. All my suggestions are for both major platforms]

Anyway, I liked Quell and its sequel. Soothing puzzle games that have you moving a water droplet across a window pane to collect dots.

Spirits is a Lemmings style game that I’ve enjoyed. Likewise World of Goo which is sort of the same premise but more physics based instead of “setting a job” based.

If you like Quell and Quell Reflect, you’ll probably like Flow. Simple puzzle game, lots of levels.

Cut The Rope and Where’s My Water? are fun. The small screen will make them more challenging than playing on a tablet.

The iPhone games I’ve enjoyed the most are:
-Sword and Poker (a weird hybrid of an RPG and a puzzle game with a poker theme… hard to explain, but very fun)
-Blocks with Letters On (10% word game, 90% puzzle game… very clever and tricky puzzles, but they’re always fair, no red herrings, no secret misleads, just applying the same principles you’ve already learned in intricate ways)

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