Your favorite mobile iOS browser with tabbed browsing and adblock

I had been using Brave on Android but I find the iOS offering buggy and tab-less. I like the default Safari, but it doesn’t seem to have good browsing hygiene built in like Brave does.

Is there anything else I should check out?

I use Safari with the app 1Blocker. It integrates into Safari to block all sorts of nasties.

I use Edge on iOS, it should check all the boxes. Has AdBlock Plus support, tabs, and syncs to the desktop if you like.

I use Firefox on Android. It checks your boxes and has an iOS version, though for all I know it’s just like Brave and isn’t as good over there.

I realized I wrote “tabbed browsing”, which is nothing special. I meant grouped tabs. Anyway, thanks for the suggestions. Now I just need to try them all out.

I use the DuckDuckGo browser on iOS. It seems to work well.

We may soon see more diversity in the iOS browser space due to EU pressure:

As a reminder, all browsers on iOS are just reskinned versions of Safari. They may have some GUI tweaks, but are fundamentally the same engine with the same limitations.

In particular, this means you can only use iOS approved adblockers, which in my experience are very limited compared to uBlock Origin. So having actual diversity in browser engines would be a welcome change.