Your favorite part of French Onion soup?

What is your favorite part of French Onion soup? From a Jim Gaffigan bit, I wanted see if we matched his results:

Strange cheese flap cover…60%
Tongue burning hot soup…13%
Soaked dead skin bread…13%
Wormlike slimy onion bits…14%


My favourite part of French Onion soup are dinners chez Ms. Taveres in Sainte Agathe after a long cold days of skiing on Mt. Tremblant. And all that cheese.

The soup itself, when it’s made well.

The cheese of course!

Rightly done, French onion soup is divine, but boy, was I often served BAD onion soup.

I didn’t vote because I just love every single part of it!

My favorite aspects of it are like 2 sides of a coin: One side, cheesy goodness. The other side, oniony goodness. I have found in my food spicing experience and trial by error that if I ever had to choose between onion and garlic, I would choose onion.

I’ve had bad French onion soup. I had to add salt to it, which is unheard of. I’ve also made it at home…little labor intensive, but quite tasty.

(Locrian madly googling for nearest restaurant serving French onion soup)

My favorite part wasn’t listed. It’s where the cheese gets toasted–almost burnt–around the edge of the bowl. And then you peel it off and it’s all crispy–yum!

I couldn’t answer because I’m allergic to onions. Never had it. I’ve often admired the look of it, with all that cheese, but it’s not worth the misery of eating onions.

I feel like this would be my favorite part, but I’ve never actually eaten French Onion soup.

My wife makes a mean FOS. Sometimes I’ll eat it without cheese (hey, I’d like to see my kids grow up!), and it still buckles my knees with ecstasy. I voted for the hot soup. It would just be onions and cheese on toast without it.

When it’s really good, you’ll know, because you won’t be able to decide which part is best.

When I learned to make it the recipe called for frying up a pile of bacon to use the oil to both cook the onions and fry up the croutons. So when I make it I usually start in the morning and let it all slow cook during the day. I remove the bacon before transferring it and make a couple of massive bacon sandwiches for brunch. The bacon sandwiches are the highlight.

I was looking for this answer as an option also. But it’s all good.

Um…you believe that if you eat cheese you will die an early death??

He’s not wrong.

Cheese is undeniably delicious and undeniably bad for you. It’s high in fat and sodium. It contributes to diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease. It’s also loaded with hormones (given to the animals which produce the milk) and can disrupt the endocrine system.

The dairy council and every study they fund will have you believe the calcium and bacteria in cheese are beneficial for bone and gut health but those studies are being contested and there are far better sources for dietary calcium and beneficial gut bacteria than cheese (dairy in general).

That said, I love cheese and I still eat it despite working on shifting to a largely plant based diet. I doubt I’ll ever stop eating it, but in much more moderate amounts than I have in the past.

I’ve only ever used FOS as a dipping sauce for my beef hoagie. (Or French Dip one could say).

Soup with a grilled cheese sandwich can be a nice, light, cold weather meal. Wait … someone discovered you can float cheese on a soup? Why. Am. I. Just. NOW. Hearing. About. This.

Heh. Working with the constraints of the bit, then yes, I suppose its cheese on a bowl that’s fun. But if I carefully make each ingredient its a fine, if calorie-laden, cold weather meal.

The cheese, maybe the bread, and throw out everything else.

I don’t like onions so i sure as hell don’t like French Onion soup.