Your favorite personal Walter Mitty fantasy

I’m a starting pitcher for a semi-pro baseball team after learning that I have a very strong arm. I’m undiscovered at the age of 19 due to my focus on my studies. While I throw hard, my control is a bit off. A NY Yankee scout discovers me towards the end of spring training and I immediately make the roster due to natural talent. I find myself starting for the NY Yankees on opening day, after the top 2 starters sustain injuries.

Somehow, the bright lights of Major League Baseball inspire me and my control improves dramatically. I quickly discover that I possess 7 practically unhittable pitches that I can locate in any part of the strike zone. I have a 106-mph 4-seam fastball, a 99-mph 2-seamer, a 91-mph 12 to 6 curve, a splitter, a cutter, a slider and a circle change.

I break just about every pitching record in the book in my first season, including winning the Rookie of the Year, Cy Young and MVP. This is due to my 31-2 record with a 0.47 ERA, 4 no-hitters including 2 perfect games. One of the perfect games includes 22 strikeouts. During the season, I throw 5 innings in which I record 3 strikeouts on 9 pitches. These are just a few of the incredible records I break

I go 6-0 with 0.00 ERA in the playoffs and World Series and guide the Yanks to a World Series.

I have 9 more similar seasons, after which I retire due to boredom with the game.

I soon discover that I’m just as good at golf!. :smiley:

I’m in an office with many beautiful women and such a non-entity that none of them even notice me. Then two armed intruders make us hostages, and I knock one out, take his gun and shoot the other one. Much grateful sex follows.

Jackknifed Juggernaut’s world-famous unhittable spitball goes pocketa-pocketa-pocketa as it wobbles through the air toward the plate!

Boyo Jim’s two armed intruders lie, twitching in agony on the floor, going pocketa-pocketa-pocketa as the blood spurts out from their wounds.

Yay, someone who seems to have actually read the story :smiley:

Your fantasy is witnessing our fantasies? Interesting …

Perhaps I should have used Walter Milly-like or Walter Mitty-esque. Anyway, maybe if I had a knuckleball, it would make the pocketa sound. But my pitches sizzle!

And perhaps, if I shot the intruders through the heart, and could actually hear their hearts stuttering to a halt, the hearts too would make the pocketa sounds.

That’s practically my main in MLB: The Show. :smiley:

  1. Go back in time to 1954
  2. Become the greatest musical visionary of all time.
  3. Profit!

Why limit yourself to musical? Invent fiber optic cable, cable TV and the internet!

Simple: I wouldn’t have to work much, just collect royalty streams.

Then I would invest in all the people who are going to make today happen. Why do all that effort myself?

What is a Walter Mitty fantasy?

Walter Mitty is a fictitious character from a short story. Basically a not very successful man who imagines a heroic life. There’s a film of it coming out shortly starring Ben Stiller.

A Walter Mitty fantasy is a daydream similar to his.

I’m rich enough to establish a center for abused women. Housing and meals are provided, and there is a campus for job training/academic education, career and psychological counseling, nursery/day care, grammar/high school for children, libraries, sports facilities, legal services, security services, and transition to “a new beginning in real life” All is free.

When I was a kid: receiver / placekicker for the Green Bay Packers.

As a college student: writer for Marvel Comics, preferably working on X-Men or Thor.

Now? I’m not sure I really have one anymore, though I suppose I still fantasize about being an NFL placekicker. (At this point, I would be in a tie with George Blanda for the oldest player in NFL history. :wink: )

NWA World Heavyweight Champion, sometimes teaming with Bill Watts and/or Dusty Rhodes against the Russians, Freebirds, or Horsemen.

Does there have to be a “saves the day and the girl (or guy)” element for it to qualify?

If not, I’d be a backup singer on tour with Eric Clapton.

I win a huge, absolutely HUGE, lottery prize. In my state a winner’s identity can be secret.

Local charities suddenly start getting the money they need to fix/repair things.

The nursing program at the university gets an anonymous donation to set up a scholarship program in the name of a local woman(not the winner!)

The elementary schools that were going to have to cut their music and art programs don’t have to, because of an anonymous gift.

The Rescue Mission gets a kitchen overhaul, and a local volunteer comes in to entertain resident children, teaching them simple cooking and baking.

Five local churches that were picketed last Sunday by the Westboro Baptist Church get $1000 gifts, with copies of the funds transfer sent to the WBC.

Aside from “winning the lottery” or “fleeing to the southeast Yukon to live as a hermit in the mountains?”

Emperor. Of Earth.

's good for brainstorming progressive, utilitarian, technocratic social reforms. Or blowing off steam with a quick gruesome revenge fantasy.

Despite my political views, many of my fantasies are oddly fascistic:

-Being inaugurated as World President (or crowned as World Kaiser) with triumphant music blasting, a huge audience including virtually everybody I’ve ever known, and me in hat and cane going up to give a speech.

-Some WWI/WW2 related fantasies mostly as a German soldier (probably due to liking their uniform although I’m fully aware of the Wehrmacht’s atrocities in the war and the moral cowardice of much of its leadership in their failure to stand up to Hitler) although I’m Soviet, American, British, or Finnish on occasion. Examples include being the cliche Prussian Junker officer complete with a monocle, operating and commanding a tank in battle, storming trenches including throwing potato masher grenades, marching out of homeland in a military parade while “Muss i Denn” plays and the girls I like currently are saying farewell and presenting me with flowers, and singing over beer with comrades.

-Strolling through various scenic vistas with the girl I like, preferably in formal clothes.