Your favorite vampire movie?

There have been tons of vampire-centric movies ranging from scary to funny to sparkly ;). But which one is your personal favorite?

Mine is probably Interview with the Vampire. Great acting and atmosphere, interesting story and characters. I absolutely love Lestat, and the way his flippantness contrasts with Louis’ angst.

Setting aside anything involving Dracula (including Nosferatu)…

Interview is a FAR superior movie but for sheer scary fun, I almost have to go with The Lost Boys. Of course, right now, my head is really into Let Me In & LTROI.

Dracula-wise, I’d say the Coppola version with the original Nosferatu a close second, tho I really like the 1977 BBC Louis Jourdan production & have a soft spot in my heart for Lugosi’s.

Hard to say but maybe Shadow Of The Vampire.

That should not be hard to say. That is the creepiest most atmospheric vampire movie that I’ve seen.

Hard to pick just one is what I meant to say.

Nosferatu. It was all downhill from there. No, I’m not being sarcastic – it’s a great film, one of the few that protrays the vampire as a MONSTER, no more, no less.

Easily Interview but with “Underworld” in second place (yes it was ultimately an action flick, but I loved the story and plot and it was refreshing to have a film actual present moral complexity rather than simply have good guys and bad guys).

The Hunger with Bowie and Deneuve isn’t so bad, but the others mentioned are better.

Near Dark

Let The Right One In. Followed closely by The Lost Boys and Nosferatu. The latter suffers from some terrible acting, but is still the best version of Dracula. The Coppola version is beautifully filmed, but has nothing to do with the book, and replaces the plot of the original with a trite tragic romance. Interview With The Vampire is slightly closer to the book, but is entirely style over substance.

I didn’t like those Anne Rice movies at all.

I agree with the person who said Lost Boys. I enjoyed the recent Let Me In (I haven’t seen the Swedish original, which I hear is very good).

Absolutely cannot abide anything which uses that “150 year old vampire attending high school and hanging out with underage girls” approach.

Hmm, tough choice:

*Let the right one in *(Swedisch version) because it is just so sad.

Interview with the vampire because it is so romantic. Not boy/girl love, but people love. The friendship/marriage of Lestat and Louis lasts for over 80 years!

Bram Stokers Dracula because it is so gothic and no expense spared.

I came in here to name that movie. Just an excellent, creepy, well acted film.

The Lost Boys

Underworld, for me, for completely lowbrow reasons (Kate. Beckinsale.Leather. Oh, and I like both Sheen and Nighy a lot) and Nosferatu (either the original or the Kinski remake)


I don’t like vampires.

I like watching them die, though, so I’m going to say Blade.

“I hate it when they ain’t shaved!” And Lance Henriksen! Great movie.

Interview, Lost Boys, Fright Night and the Frank Langella version, for the setting, romance, music, and Langella – he was gorgeous.

My favorite is Herzog’s Nosferatu the Vampyre, mainly because of Isabelle Adjani.

After that, Shadow of the Vampire and Lugosi’s Dracula.

Near Dark’s my favorite.

Daybreakers is an underrated recent great.

Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter is an underrated classic great.

From Dusk till Dawn, The Hunger, and Underworld are great due to Salma Hayek, Susan Sarandon, and Kate Beckinsale.