Your Fave Vampire?

So…what’s your fave vampire “type”? C’mon. We all know that vampires come in all shapes and sizes. Sure according to myth, they suck blood and are afraid of the dark and detest garlic.

But we all know, too, that there is no one kind. The media has shown us that this species is fickle in temperament and physical nature.

A few examples:
There’s the bloodthirsty, somewhat sexy Bram Stoker Dracula who desires to “violate” young virginal women, changes into wolves, bats, and god knows what else- and is the Victorian man’s worst nightmare.

There’s the weird most decidedly un-sexy Nosferatu. Creepy and just plain icky.

There’s the oh-so erotic, intellectual, and emotional Anne Rice vampire. (Usually played by Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt.)

Plus there’s his slightly stupid relative, the moronic parasitic kind portrayed in books like I Am Legend and 'Salem’s Lot.

And…::sigh:: No, I’m not going to include the Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel kind! I am- oh crap. I just did.

And there must be others I have left out. What’s your fave?

The hard drinkin’, partying, sunhglassis wearing, scruffy looking, rock music listening, bar fighting, sense of humor having Cassidy from the comic book series Preacher.
The amoral, psionic Lestat from the original Anne Rice series is second.
#1 Vampire hunter: James Wood’s character in Vampires.

Definitely the vampire-types in Terry Pratchett’s discworld book “Carpe Jugulum”. Some vampire types with old-world style and panache, living in creepy castles, alongside next-generation vampires who are really named Necropia and Caligula, but prefer to be called Susan and Bill.

Either that or Count Chocula.

Don’t leave out the song-and-dance vampire from Jim Steinman’s German musical “Tanz der Vampyr.” Love it.

The coolest vampires are the really intelligent kind with supernatural strength and agility, as well as metamorphosis powers and whatnot.

Alucard (one such vampire), from the Playstation game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, is perhaps the coolest protagonist from any video game.

Wow i never even thought of video game vampires.

Oh and let’s not forget The Count from Sesame Street. :slight_smile:

Hands down favorite here is Sonja Blue.

“D” from Vampire Hunter D is the coolest Vamp/Human ever. You can’t beat the Son of Dracula.

I’d have to say either the parasitic/stripper type, like in From Dusk Till Dawn, or else the really hot seductive type, played by Angie Everhart in Bordello of Blood.


By the way, who has seen Dracula 2000?

Oh yes. Actually I know Cassidy. We used to hang out in the same bar in the East Village. He started going there when McSorley’s was taken over by frat boys.

And speaking of vampires I probably know personally:

The vampires/junkies in “Addiction” (haven’t seen it? I’ll have to go over to “Cool movie apparently no one else has seen”) Particularly the one played by Christopher Walken. Christopher Walkein as a vampire. Too obvious?
As far as sexy vampires, Lestat and Armand are ok, but I’d still prefer David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve.

I get a big kick out of the vampires in Lauren K. Hamilton’s “Anita Blake – Vampire Hunter” series. They’re a little on the Anne Rice vampire line, but with a better sense of humor.

Anita Blake herself drives me up a wall, but she has a sometime partner, Edward, who is an awesome vampire hunter.

And let’s not forget Bunnicula.

Yeah, I gotta agree Sealemon88, Cassidy’s definitely my favourite (though, I’m biased cuz I think Preacher’s pretty awsome).

Other than that, I can’t believe nobody has brought up Blackula.

I don’t see how this thread can go on any further without mention being made of the best vampire ever:


When you play a vampire in Vampire: The Masquerade, you can make them whomever you like. It’s great because you are your favorite vampire.

I’m currently playing a Malkavian, and he’s not a conventional type of insane, like all other Malkavians. He’s definitely loony, but more in a more blood thirsty pscyopath type of thing. And he has multiple personalities.

And so on and so forth.

As far as well known vampires are concerned, I would say that Armand of Anne Rice fame would have to be my favorite.

The Sonya Blue books are really good, but the Anno Dracula series is even better, provided you can find it. They are the best vampire books I have ever read, and I’ve read a lot.

My favorite vampire has to be Jack Taltos from the book “Taltos” by Steven Brust. Now there’s a man who could show Anne Rice how to write.

The one Max Schreck played in Murnau’s NOSFERATU.

Bald head, pointy ears, hands like claws, black circles under the eyes, and an affinity for rats.

Whoa, that was a short circuit in my memory.

What I meant was, Jack Agyar from the book “Agyar” by Steven Brust. The snide comment about Anne Rice can remain unchanged, however.

I have always been partial to the bad boy types like in the Lost Boys.

Lexicon, agreed!! However, I never really got far with Malkavians, I’d always end up fucking things up for the party.

Tremere all day.

The card game Vampire: The Eternal Struggle has got a pimp vampire in it: Etrius. What a guy. :smiley:

They’re all good, and much as I like the lean mean killin’ machines, my favorite fictional vampire is the one from George R. R. Martin’s Fevre Dream.

Like the werewolves in Cheri Scotch’s series, Martin’s vampire is reluctant, and worries for his soul.