Your first multitool, and current collection

I was given an original Leatherman PST (just labeled Leatherman Tool in an old-style leather holster) about 15 years ago.

Since then, I’ve also added a PST II, ST200, Blast, and recently got a yellow P4 and a pink S4 Squirt and a couple Micras.

I also have a Gerber Suspension, and a Clutch on a spare keyring.

Whadda you guys have in your collection?

AHH… multitools. I have had quite a few over he years but right now I got the leatherman Ti. Very nice and the handles dont bite me the way that the gerber did. I bought the wife a little sog that she keeps in her purse. Must be handy cause all her buddies keep borrowing it, although they wouldnt want one in of their own! Ideally i would like one that fits like clip-it and not heavy but still with all the tools.

My fist multitool was a Gerber. It was given to me as a gift. A few weeks later I sliced open my left thumb with its serrated blade due to the way it was constructed.

I now have a Leatherman Wave. It’s much easier to get at all the tools and blades.

I’ve got some small ones I keep stashed about strategically, and I’ve got a gerber I use as a backup, but my main?
Skeletool CX.

(I got it for $45 on Amazon)
The one handed knife and the carabiner clip are critical for me, especially when I’m in a bosun’s chair up the mast.

I too had one of the original Leatherman multitools. It still bounces around in the tool box of the truck, I think.

The current collection includes the Juice C2, S2, CS4, XE6 and Pro models, a Squirt P4, a Micra and a Skeletool. I also own a Gerber Suspension and a Clutch.

The S2 resides in my desk at school. The C2 lives in the wife’s purse. The CS4 is in the glove compartment of the truck, and the XE6 is in my backpack. If I am going to be out with the kids for the weekend, I’ll carry either the Pro or the Suspension on my belt. The Squirt is on my keychain and the Clutch is in the camping equipment. The Skeletool lives in the tool chest in the truck.

Now ask me about all the Swiss Army knives I own…

My first was a leatherman. Wore that one out. Got another Leatherman. That one I lost while playing frisbee.

Now I’m on my second Gerber, Although, I’m not completely satisfied with it. For some reason they put the thumb notch on the wrong side of the blade.

I’ve also got a SOG and a freebie from Duluth Trading co.

I have a Gerber - don’t know what model, but it’s out in the truck at the moment. I also have 2-3 other cheapo ones laying around. A friend’s men’s group was selling them for a fundraiser, so I got 2-3 to throw in our cars, so there would be at least SOMETHING that resembled a tool if we ever needed them. These were basic knockoffs - about $5 apiece. But they may be better than nothing some day.

I’m thinking of picking up the Leatherman Juice and trying to decide if I want the corkscrew version or the non-corkscrew verision. Has anyone tried the corkscrew opener on it? It looks like the kind where you put in the screw and then use the bottle opener part to lever out the cork? Does it work like that and work well?

I want a tool that’s not too balky but I think the Squirts are smaller than I want. I’m thinking about it for computer maintenance mostly. Well, computer and beverage maintenance.

The problem with the corkscrew is the the leverage offered by the tool is not very good. It still takes some strength to get the cork moving, and you have to muscle the last bit out without any leverage at all because the screw is so short. It’s better than nothing, but not by much.

Hmm. That’s good to know. Now I’m not sure.

My first ever was a basic Swiss Army Knife back in 7th grade. It got taken away after threatening some bullies with it. So I bought another. I had that for about 5 years or so and it disappeared to the mists of time. I’ve had the Leatherman Juice which my daughter now has, and now I have the Leatherman Blast. I love it, but would like to upgrade to a Wave because the blade can be opened without opening the tool.

I’m not sure if it qualifies as a multi-tool, technically, but my first was a Deer Slayer pocket knife that had 2 blades and a scissors. A cousin gave it to me when I was 8. Still have it today, although it just sits in a drawer.

I have a Leatherman Micra in my car. A Victorinox Swiss Tool as my primary multi-tool. It’s quite heavy, but very, very strong and solid. As much as I’ve always been a Leatherman guy, this is the best tool I’ve owned. I also have a Swisstech UtiliKey on my keychain, which comes in very handy very often.

I have a Surge and a Wave. The Wave is in my range bag and has come in handy from time to time. One of the fellows had a stuck case in a revolver and we were able to swap a cylinder from another revolver so he could continue the match.

I have an old SOG tool in my desk, but keep meaning to replace it with the Surge.

I have a Leatherman Wave that I just got. I got sick of having to jury-rig tools like screwdrivers and wearing my keys out opening boxes. So I got a Leatherman. :slight_smile: It lives in my purse.

Many Many moons ago, I got my dad a multitool that had the pliers pull straight out and lock (rather than have the handles flip 180 degrees to expose the pliers. I have no idea where it went and it makes me sad as it was an awesome tool.

I then bought a cheapie imitation and discovered if the handle isn’t designed right, you can’t actually USE the pliers as the stamped metal of the handle cuts into your hands.

I then got a Leatherman Wave and have been VERY happy with it. It lives in my backpack and I live in fear that I may forget one time and it’ll become a guest of the TSA.

That’s a Gerber, Blank. Like this.

You hold the buttons down and shake it and the head slides out.

I carry a Schrade ST1 on my belt, and a Gerber Clutch on my key chain. I’ve replaced the rivets and strap on the case of the Schrade three times now, and don’t see giving it up for anything else in the near future.