Your five favorite songs *right this minute*

So, we have threads about what comes up on your playlist, or songs that are your most played fairly often, but I want to know something else: today, right this very minute, which songs are your favorite of the moment? Sure, you might answer something else in a week or two, and maybe they’re new songs you’ve just fallen for or old favorites you’re really digging right now, but none of that matters.

The Bravery “Hatefuck
Starlight Mints “Power Bleed
Woodhands “Dancer
Mechanical Moth “Black Queen Style
Zero 7 “Pop Art Blue

Changing of the Seasons - Ane Brun
**Alone in Tennessee **- Heather Waters
Last Thing- Diana Anaid

All are songs a friend put on a mix for me. Nothing else comes immediately to mind.

Josh Rouse “123”
Ferron “Our Purpose Here”
Tom Waits “On the Nickel”
Echo and the Bunnymen"Gone, Gone, Gone" (The album w/o Ian is still amazing)
Poi Dog Pondering “Angelika Suspended” (It was the only video with this song, so just listen to the song).

Woman With The Strength Of 10,000 Men - Peter Himmelman

Morning Sun - Shayna Zaid and the Catch

God is Alive Magic is Afoot - Buffy Saint Marie

Chin Up, Cheer Up - Ryan Adams

Night Ride Home - Joni Mitchell

I just got back from watching Spring Awakenings, so my number one is probably “Totally Fucked.

Others would be
Captain Beefheart – “Electricity
The King’s Singers – “Seaside Rendezvous” (yes, the Queen song – done a capella)
Blood Sweat and Tears – “House in the Country” (this is the original, Al Kooper incarnation, not the David Clayton-Thomas one)
Cat Mother and the All-Night Newsboys – “Strike a Match a Light Another.”

In absolutely no order:

Wanderlust by Every Time I Die
Winter’s Wolves by The Sword
Supergorgonizer by Iron Monkey (crappy audio; sorry but it’s all I could find online… better audio on the vid for Fink Dial)
Knifeman by The Bronx
Rumors Of War by High On Fire (new album due next week! WOOT!!!)

Really like this!

Beeswing - Richard Thompson
Suerte (Whenever, Wherever) - Shakira
Selling the Drama - Live
Singing the Blues - Marty Robbins
39 - Queen

To trim it down to just five, right at this very moment, these would probably be my favorites. There are a lot of contenders, though, so I made sure I at least picked five different artists. :stuck_out_tongue:

[li]E.S. Posthumus - Antissa (one of the few good uses of Autotune, IMHO)[/li]
[li]Rammstein - Ich Will (For enhanced amusement, see the Winnie the Pooh version)[/li]
[li]E Nomine - Wolfen (Das Tier in mir)[/li]
[li]Poets of the Fall - Carnival of Rust[/li]
[li]Там, вдали, за рекой (There, Far Beyond the River) – I’m not really sure who sang this or who wrote it, but it’s a beautiful song. Gives me goosebumps every time.[/li][/ul]

Whoa, that’s weird and creepy and awesome all at the same time. Very strange feel to it, but I kinda like it.

Another Breath - Belly of A Whale

God Complex

Brad Sucks, Dropping out of School

Al Jarreau and Kurt Elling’s version of Take Five is simply amazing (“modulate again!”). As I’m in a Brubeck mood I’ll add Dave Brubeck and Billy Taylor playing Take The “A” Train and the Brubeck quartet performing It’s a Raggy Waltz at Carnegie Hall.

Motörhead - “Lost Johnny”
Kaiser Chiefs - “Never Miss a Beat”
The Cult - “Rain”
Deep Purple - “Child in Time”
Pink Floyd - “Welcome to the Machine”

Billy Joel-Vienna
Bette Midler-My One True Friend
Dan Fogelberg-Believe in Me
Steven Neal Wagner-One of the Two
Barenaked Ladies-If I had a Million Dollars (‘mmmmm, dijon ketchup!’)

You’ve Got Something - Dr. Buzzard’s Original Savannah Band
*Uprising *- Muse
A Star is Born - Jay-Z
*What’s Happening Brother *- Marvin Gaye
No Morira - DLG

I wouldn’t be listening to any of these if it wasn’t for my Gogol Bordello radio station on Pandora.

If I Should Fall From Grace With God - Pogues
Devil’s Dance Floor - Flogging Molley
Happy Little Boozer - Korpiklaani
Rasputin - Boiled in Lead (it’s just too awesome!)
The Pirate Song - Go Betty Go

Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown
CAKE - The Distance
The Endless Sporadic - Impulse
Dethklok - Murmaider
Pink Floyd - Brain Damage

Miike Snow - Animal (Fake Blood Remix)
Bon Iver - Bloodbank (Skinny Friedman Edit)
Spoon - The Fitted Shirt
Okkervil River - Westfall
Caspa - Africa VIP

Rebel Rebel - David Bowie
Killer Joe - Benny Golson
Wrong 'Em Boyo - The Clash
Radio Radio - Elvis Costello
Hate Me - Blue October

Rachid Taha - Barra Barra
Florence + the Machine - Blinding
The Highwaymen - Highwayman
Benny Andersson - Skallgång
Lata Mangeshkar - Vande Mataram

It’s Bombastic Week. :wink: