Your funeral song

Mine played loud by a full band.

What do you want playing while they put you in the ground?

Sorrry for the course language but I’m serious.

Probably My Shit’s Fucked Up by Warren Zevon.

I have a friend who wants me to learn to play this for his funeral. Of course, it’s much harder to play than Warren makes it look.

REM-“Try Not to Breathe.”

I’m not going in the ground. After the doctors have harvested everything of use to others, strike the match. And the ashes will be bagged up in little baggies, placed in a bowl at the party and I’ll go to all the places my friends and family want to take me.
The music on the flash drive for the party is pieces that represent the stages of my life and will mean different things to different people.

Or whatever the guy that sweeps up at the crematorium is listening to that day.

“A Whiter Shade of Pale” by Procol Harem

I would also want my own original music recordings to be heard. Music will likely be my only real legacy anyway.

I’ve asked my son to cremate me, then take my ashes as far up in the mountains as weather will permit. Before he releases my ashes into the mountains, I’ve asked him to play “End of the Innocence” written by Bruce Hornsby. Lots of complicated reasons why, which I won’t bore the audience with here.

“I’ll Fly Away” Allison Krauss

“Just a few more weary days and then, I’ll fly away!
To a land where joys will never end, I’ll fly away!”

I did one of those doofus surveys, it told me my dirge was written by Mr. Idle: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Personally, I prefer,
As you push off from the shore
Won’t you turn your head once more
And make your peace with everyone
For those who choose to stay
Will live just one more day
To do the things they should have done

[right]– Jethro Tull, Skating Away (on the Thin Ice of a New Day)[/right]

I am going to cremated and my daughter can throw my ashes away if she want.
I think being buried is a waste of good land.

Preferably I would either be left to the elements ala’ Jeremiah Johnson…or I’d just head off into the desert never to be heard from again.

Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song

Tom Waits - “Ol’ 55,” with a few slight lyric changes.
(No, not the Eagles’ version, which TW called “antiseptic” with good cause.)

Followed by another TW song I’d have to choose on my deathbed. Right now, it’d be “Mr. Siegal.” Maybe “Big Black Mariah.”

I like that idea but I don’t want to have my daughter wondering what happen to me.
If I had no child I could see going off and dying alone …

I mentioned in an old thread that I had played Bathory’s Hammerheart ( the song, not the album ) at two funerals and that it shall be played for me.
It’s based on Holst, but the late Quorthon gives it a greater Odinic majesty.

Now that the wind called my name
And my star had faded now hardly a glimpse up in the empty space
And the wise one-eyed great father in the sky stilled my flame

That’s official; but for myself personally, I also want my favourite song of all time, Maura O’Connell singing My Irish Molly O with Dé Danann.

“Glad to See You Go” by the Ramones

“The Parting Glass” by Liam Clancy

I feel very tempted to have Wave Of Mutilation by Pixies, but I might not have any say in the matter.

The attendees at my funeral are getting Ligeti’s Requiem at full volume, in a dark room. The old goths among them will like it, if no-one else.

Great choice. One of my all-time favorite songs off one of my all-time favorite records.

Either Tim Finnegan’s Wake or The Night Pat Murphy Died.

Not The Earth Died Screaming ?
“Heaven don’t want us
And Hell is full
We’re chained to this earth
And we gotta pull”