Your Good Thoughts Please

My wolf hybrid Zen is in the animal hospital laying at death’s door with his lungs full of blood. He ingested warferin rat poison earlier today and has a 30% chance of living.

He may not be alive when I return to the animal hospital later this evening.

I ask any of you who care to please think kind thoughts, say prayers or just send some good vibes his way. I can’t even begin to imagine what life would be like without him. He has been my loving companion for 3 1/2 years and I could just as easily chop off a hand as lose him.

Thank You,



This is terrible!

I’m sending healty doggie vibes your way. Take care.


My thoughts and love to you. My dog is as precious to me as yours seems to be to you, and I know a little of what you’re going through. (My dog got into rat poison while I was in Philadelphia. Thankfully it was not the kind that Zen got into, and she is doing fine now.) Please, post happy stories of you and Zen for us all to share. I’d like to get to know him through your eyes.


I’m so sorry to hear that-I really hope Zen’s in that 30% group. Poor doggie. :frowning:

I’m so sorry, Chris.

I am sending you prayers, positive healing vibes and ::huggles:: for the both of you. Kobii, my furry child, sends her best as well.

Much Love,


Oh, that’s awful, Zenster; I know how special your pups are to you. All my best wishes to you, and him.

That’s awful.

:::Many good, healing vibes for Zen::::

:::strength to Zenster:::

Urgh, Zen. I lost my ten year old kitty last January due to rat poison. Never did figure out where he got it, but the vet said it looked like he’d been injesting bits of it every day for several weeks - like if he’d found a package with a small leak and had been licking up whatever leaked out. I have no rat poison in my house, and I never found out where he got it.

My thoughts are with you and your doggy, and hoping you have the outcome I didn’t have.

Zenster, you know you and your pup have my best wishes!


{{{{{{{{{{{{{Chris and Zen}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Best to both of you :frowning:


I hope Zen is OK…:frowning:

Poor doggie.

I will be leaving for the hospital soon. Please check out the “Rat Bastards” thread in the pit for another more horrifying story.

How absolutely horrid, Zenster.
Here’s wishing you and Zen all the strength and comfort possible.


Oh, dear, how awful! Good thoughts flying as fast as I can send them, Zenster.

As jkusters mentioned, their puppy (left in my care :frowning: ) got into rat poison a few weeks ago, and we were all very happy and lucky. Let’s hope you’re the same.


My thoughts are with you both.

Chris, my thoughts are with you and Zen, hoping for the best. Miracles do happen. I’ve heard of worst odds and people making it through, so I have faith that a strong (I’m assuming) dog with someone here that loves him very much will fight just as hard to make it as well.


Keep us posted, ok?

Hate to ‘me too,’ but ‘me too.’ We have pets here in Chocolatetown, and a few near-death experiences, so our good thoughts are going out to you and the wolf as well.

Oh, that’s so awful!! I’m going to go hug my dog, and we’ll both be sending good thoughts your way. Here’s hoping that he’s a real tough guy, and will pull through this.

I don’t know what to say, except that I hope Zen pulls through. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your pup tonight.