Your Good Thoughts Please

{{{{{{{{Zenster & Zen}}}}}}}}

Please know good thoughts and prays are going up for you both now. Not only from the furless people here but the three furred ones too.

As for the pit thread, I dare not speak my thoughts about it here. Grrrrrrrrrrrr

Tobermory and the Road Warrior both send their best thoughts, even though dogs are not their orientation, being my cats. I wish I could help, but the best I can do is say a prayer and hope for the best.

((((Zenster & dog friend))))

I sincerely hope he pulls through, Zenster.

Love, Cristi

You have my best as always, Chris. And Daisy is sending good doggie thoughts for her old playmate too.

I really hope everything turns out good. Zen is a great dog.




Scotticher & Kobii


Arden Ranger










Anti Pro



Baker & Tobermory & Road Warrior


Jack Batty

To each and every one of you I send my deepest thanks. There’s times when being a self-declared orphan isn’t all that its cracked up to be. This is one of those times. Having a family like you online helps more than words can say.

My landlord has promised to put all of this on his liability insurance so I had the cold comfort of being able to tell them to use heroic measures this evening. Zen wasn’t breathing so well when I saw him. He’s somewhat active so I’m hoping like Hell I don’t get a call tonight.

Tomorrow he will be transfered to my personal vet who is quite simply one of the finest men I know. Doctor Anderson is praised by each and every one of his clients, myself included. He is the only vet I have ever taken my pets to on a regular basis. When I get Zen into his hands I will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Moving the poor little guy is going to be nerve wracking. We might have to use an animal ambulance because he may not be able to be off oxygen for that long.

Please, oh please, keep up the good thoughts. I am distraught and can only type through tears right now.

Thank You So Much,



You have good thoughts as long as you need them

Best wishes to Zenster and Zen from Ahunter3 and Chili Dog.
::lights candle::

Dearest Zenster,

I am so sorry for you and your beloved pet. I truly, truly hope he pulls through all this.

My thoughts and love go to both of you tonight. Major hugs to you, as well.



My thoughts are with you and your dog. Best Wishes.


my beloved Dongle and Georgie send their best wishes.
and I do too.
good luck!!!

Hoping your pup pulls through.

…and Charles Darwin. As the owner of 4 cats and two dogs (beagle and shepherd), I hope and pray your pooch recovers. Your story was moving and infuriating. I think your plan of attack is very wise. Best wishes, Chip

Arden Ranger

AHunter3 & Chili Dog



Bad News Baboon & Dongle & Georgie

China Guy
::underlines Arden Ranger’s name on list::
To all of you; you have my deepest gratitude. Zen has just begun his second unit of serum transfusion, and that’s a good thing. It’s another hour before the next battery of blood test results come through.

Normal clot times range in seconds to tens of seconds. The poor little bugger’s was in the minutes! I wasn’t able to finish my dinner (surprise, not much appetite), so I grabbed my plate to dump it into his dish when I realized that he wasn’t going to get at his bowl right now, no matter what.

You can bet that brought some fresh tears.

Zenster if there’s a supreme being around somewhere, then I can only hope that they take into account your extraordinary kindness to the cat owners you mention in your Pit thread and that they work extra hard on Zen’s behalf.

Our thoughts are with you and Zen.

Good luck and healing thoughts, Zen and Zenster.




Thank you all, your kindness means the world to me right now.

I guess that I’ve got to say that this never even occured to me for a second. In retrospect, yeah, it sure would be nice if that balanced the scales a little bit. But even if I knew ahead of time that it wouldn’t, I’d still do it anyway.

If any of you had seen the look of desolation in the eyes of those two poor young kids, you would have done the same in a heartbeat. There’s limits.

reprise, thank you for giving my spiritual side an extra ray of hope. Having read that, I might even be able to get a little rest tonight.

Oh, Zenster, I hope Zen comes through. My thoughts are with you both.

Good Luck, Zenster! Good luck Zenster’s doggie! Get well!


dunne u. wurrie

Thank you, both of you.

And now for a little good news. After the transfusion of a second unit of serum, Zen’s clotting times are almost normal. Although this looks like a really significant improvement, it is actually an artificial spike in his blood chemistry induced by the transfusions.

Still, all of this is good. It means that his blood is able to perform the needed work of stopping the leakage into his lungs. The vitamin K should start to kick in by tomorrow and reverse the anti-clotting factor of the rat bait.

I’ve even been told that I should be able to transport him in my car to my vet’s office. Once he’s there, I’ll be able to relax a tiny bit.

Thank you all for your caring support,


That is good news.

But we won’t let up on the good vibes until Zen’s better.