Your help is needed!

Noting to start off that I have permission from the fine folks at SDMB to post this.

As some of you know, I am an anthematologist - that is, one who studies national anthems. Lately, I’ve been undertaking to determine the suitability of national anthems lyrics to the country that they represent. In that vein, I have set up a quiz online that I would like to have other Dopers attempt, there are 50 anthems in all.

Keep in mind that even though the word “quiz” is used, I want to stress that the objective isn’t to get a perfect score (and I usually delete perfect scores from the results anyways to get a more accurate sample) but to give the country that you feel is best described by the anthem lyrics; objective opinions are the key, think of it as an inkblot test using anthems if you will. More information is at the test site itself.

Cool. I’ll play later. :slight_smile:

That took a while. I got 19 out of 50.

I used to have 100 until people complained. :slight_smile: (So I just pared it down to those that I really needed information for).

Don’t focus too much on your score as I said, you’re mainly helping with research! Isn’t science fun? :slight_smile: