Your ideal Law & Order cast

One rule-this isn’t a list all the people you’d love to see on the show. This is more, take your favorite cast members, and pair up your ideal team.

My own:

At the precinct:

Anita Van Buren

Lennie Briscoe

Mike Logan

At the DA’s:

Adam Schift

Jack McCoy

Claire Kincaid


Detective Robert Goren
Detective Olivia Benson
Detective John Munch

At the DA’s

Adam Schiff
Jack McCoy
Alex Cabot

I hope I’m allowed to include members of the other two Law & Order francises.

Mine matches yours, Guin - although Capt. Creegan would be OK, and wouldn’t mind Curtis in Logan’s place, but Van Buren and Logan would be ideal, and the DAs are perfect.

Van Buren, Logan, Briscoe

McCoy, Kincaid, Schiff

I think that’s mostly because I consider the episodes with that ensemble were the best. Since then the ADAs just seem to be getting more and more unbelievable. They seem too young and inexperienced to be taking on the second seat in such high profile cases. The show seems to be losing its touch with reality.

I’d like to see Lenny Briscoe and Frank Pembleton at the precinct, and Jack McCoy and Claire Kincaid in the DA office.

During the interogations they could play “Bad Cop/Worse Cop”.

You need **Martin Riggs ** in there somewhere. Yeah…good times.

In the DA’s office it would be Ben Stone, Claire Kincaid, and Adam Schiff.

(I loved it when Stone would take off his glasses and say “young man…” You knew the punk was in serious trouble!

For detectives, Mike Logan and Lenny Briscoe, with Anita Van Buren as Lt.

And for the defense attorney - Arthur Gold!

At the precinct:

Capt. Creegan (Anita is fine, but Creegan has this air of emotional involvement)

Lennie Briscoe (smooth, old School)

John Munch (laconic, but thorough)

At the DA’s:

Adam Schift (“you have no case - make a deal!”)

Jack McCoy (similar to Creegan, but much more intense)

Jamie Ross (juggling job + family)

(Incidentally I’ve got the first season on UK DVD :cool: , and watch regularly on UK TV. But I can’t remember ever seeing Claire Kincaid :eek: )

Wasn’t Kincaid right out a law school or a clerkship when she started under Stone?

I think it was her first ADA-ship, since she made a pretty rookie mistake (not telling Stone some vital bit of info) on her first case. It was later established that she clerked for the philandering Judge Thayer right out of law school.

Wow … can you tell I miss Kincaid?

I agree with much of the above. Van Buren/Briscoe/Logan, McCoy/Schiff/Kincaid.

I don’t care who’s there, so long as Abbie Carmichael is there.

Oh, how I love to look at her…

Well, Serena can stop by my house any evening…

I vote for Ben Stone, Abbie “Give’em the Chair” Carmichael, and Adam “Looks like a tough case. Lotsa luck” Schiff as D.A.s, and Kreegan, Briscoe and Logan as the cops.

I’ll send her right over, as soon as I’m done with her. :smiley:

Kincaid, Stone, Schiff

Logan, Briscoe, Cragen

IMHO, any lineup that doesn’t include Logan is a crime against nature.

Anyone want to agrue Olivet vs. Skoda? I’ll go with Skoda, but it’s a close call.

I picked Jack and Claire if only because of their unspoken affair. Ah, if only…

Oh, and for psychiatrist, I’d pick Skoda. I like his dry sense of humor.

Is it an affair if neither of them is married or involved with anyone else? Also, I think the relationship was addressed directly a few times.

According to Websters…
A romantic and sexual relationship, sometimes one of brief duration, between two people who are not married to each other.