Your least favorite Blue Collar Comedy tour performer

This is currently on CMT, and I once again go with Bill Engvall as the worst performer on this “tour”. Quite frankly, he’s been terrible forever.

I know many people don’t like Larry the Cable Guy, but that is an act, a created persona that he’s sort of stuck with. It’s made him money for sure, but as long as he’s on the BCCT, he will have to be Larry the Cable Guy.

Engvall is such a tool. He should blow Foxworthy every night for allowing him to be a part of this tour. He makes a fortune with t-shirt sales and cards that read “Here’s your sign”, a stupid catch-phrase that is a prerequisite to be on the show in the first place. The catch phrase sucks, he sucks, and I wish he would just quit the tour to make it a bit more pleasant to catch the tour while I channel surf.

Foxworthy is ok, as it’s basically his concept with 3 of his close friends riding Foxworthy’s popularity wave. Jeff gets to use his catch-phrase “you might be a red-neck”… Larry the Cable Guy is what he is, and yes, he has a catch phrase too “Git 'er done!”. But, like the rest of them, he’s churning in as much money as he can while the getting is good.

The guy I like the most is Ron White, mainly because he isn’t a full time member, his stories are down right funny, and he doesn’t end everything with a catch-phrase for sale. I like him the most.

So, I’ve decided to ask you all… which one(s) do you like, which one(s) do you hate, and why?

I like Ron White. He doesn’t end everything with it, but he has a way of adding the phrase “They call me tater salad” into some of his stories. I like his single shows, apart from BCCT.

After that goes Foxworthy, Engvall, and lastly, Larry. I’m sorry, redneck persona or not, I don’t like it.

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samclem Moderator

Man, I hate Ron White. He’s so smug, I just want to punch him in the teeth.

Ron White’s my favorite. “Diamonds – that’ll shut her up.”

Least favorite is probably Foxworthy – he gives off a smug vibe, like he’s laughing at us for laughing at him. Maybe I’m being uncharitable. It might be that he’s just surprised that people are laughing. I get the impression that he doesn’t think his stuff is very funny.

Can’t argue with any of this.

You have to admit, though, that a smug redneck is something unimaginable in previous generations. Maybe the reason they’re so popular is because they embody a kind of social mobility.

I have not seen the tour itself, but I have caught bits of these guys on TV and listened to some of their comedy albums, so take the following with a grain of salt:

Bill Engvall I like. I think he’s funny and a good comedian, but I’m not so sure the “blue collar,” “redneck” milieu is a natural fit for him.

Larry the Cable Guy is the one I find annoying and unfunny. His schtick gets old fast, and he strikes me as orders of magnitude less intelligent than the others.

White isn’t bad, but the smugness that LouiseE mentioned is a turnoff.

For a minute. :smiley:

Least favorite is definitely “Larry”. Couldn’t make it big as himself, so he created a redneck persona that did :smack:

I like Foxworthy the most. Set his “You might be a redneck” schtick aside, and he can still actually tell a good story and craft a joke really well.

I like some of Ron White’s stories, and I appreciate that he doesn’t really have a catch-phrase. But I also agree with the “smug” criticism. Plus, it seems like 75% of his jokes are basically, “I’m a drunk! Har har!”

LOVE Ron White and his shit-eating grin. Yeah, he’s an asshole, but he’s damned funny.

Probably a tie between Foxworthy and Engvall. I like them both OK.

Larry the Cable Guy can jump off a cliff. Nothing makes me change the channel faster.

Isn’t this a bit like asking, “What’s your least favorite strain of hepatitis?”

Actually, I like Ron White okay, but the rest of them range from forgettable to painfully bad. And then there’s Larry the Cable Guy.

Larry is awful. I like Bill and Jeff, and think Ron is fucking outstanding!

The only one who makes me laugh is Ron White. I can’t stand Larry, and can tolerate the other two.

I like Ron White - he’s funny and manages to sound a bit more educated than the rest. Bill Engvall isn’t bad, neither is Jeff Foxworthy.

Larry the Cable Guy…what can I say? He reminds me of any number of my cousins, and while I love them, I wouldn’t pay to see them hash over the same old bullshit.

Meh. Ron is funny the first time you listen to his act. Then after that you realize he only has the one act and doesn’t ever update it. I can’t respect that in a comedian, even if I’ll listen to the same act over and over again.

Bill Engvall is fine. The catch phrase is stupid and it’s my least favorite part of his act, but other than that he’s got a fairly decent generic family-oriented act that he updates regularly. And I’m sorry, but dorkfish is freaking funny.

Foxworthy and Larry are as mediocre as they come.

I dunno, I’ve seen a few of Ron’s comedy videos, and he has updated them. In fact, I think most of them have updated their sketches (minus catchphrases)… except maybe Larry?

I can see Engvall as the safe, most-family friendly of all… But in a way, that sometimes makes him the blandest.

I’m with you! He is a drunk up on stage trying to remember, or create a joke at the moment. He isn’t THAT funny. He’s about as amusing as any drunk in a bar that is making almost, kinda funny observations, but, that’s about it. The one blue comedy tour on tv that I saw in March had Jeff Foxworthy looking at him as if the whole world of comedy had finally met it’s master. Can’t figure out why!

Best wishes,

Ron White is definitely the best. My least favorite is Larry the Cable guy. He’s OK, I just like the other guys better.

I like Bill, the family stuff works for me. Funny and relateable. I agree with the previous poster that the whole “blue collar” thing seems like a stretch to me. Larry has a schtick that works, and a funny one but meh, whatever it gets old. Ron is fucking funny but I always feel a little dirty laughing along with him. And Foxworthy is funny but somehow safe.