Your License Plate

Is the reason why people keep the dealer’s name on the plate the same as them walking around wearing a sweatshirt with the maker’s name or logo all over it. That’s what I call free advertising.

It’s laziness for me right now. I have a Cornell Alumni plate frame that I’m going to replace my dealer plate frame with, as soon as I get around to it. Right now, I’m just too lazy to change them. I ordered my new car, and they got it from a place in PA, so it has “Cooper Nissan of Lehigh Valley” underneath “Sentra” on the trunk, but it’s in very small black lettering, and since my car is dark grey, it’s not really visible except up close. I may eventually try to take it off, but it might make it look worse.


In California, generally speaking, the license plate stays with the vehicle - even through ownership changes.

I believe that the exception to this is personalized plates (a distinct minority of those on the road). With the proper form-filing (and $20 fee), they can be transferred to the new vehicle when the owner changes cars.

Back when I lived in Texas, license plates were replaced every 5 (?) years on a vehicle, regardless. The argument was, I believe, that the reflectiveness of the plate would wear away in about that time. In California, this isn’t the case, so you still see a fair number of the OLD yellow-on-black plates floating around.

I took the dealer-provided frames off of my truck, as I prefer the look of the frameless plate. (There’s no accounting for taste, I suppose.) I don’t feel strongly enough one way or the other about it to remove the dealer frames from my wife’s car.

anenquiringmind, pick your battles, dude. :slight_smile: Some things are worth going to the mat over, but license plate frames aren’t one of them to me.

When I purchased my car last December, there was a sticker on the back bumper with the dealer’s name on it. I asked them to remove it, and they did.

There was also an ugly plate on the front that said their name and such, also ugly. When I had picked up the vehicle and taken it to the office, I replaced it with one that I wanted - and am still thinking of changing.

Incidentally, the standard in Canada is that the front has a spot for the plate, and that the dealer puts a sticker or name plate on the rear of the car.