What (if anything) do you have framing your license plate?

I have a fairly long commute to and from work so I see my fair share of cars. Something I like to do is take one aspect of cars and see how many instances of that aspect I can find. My game over the last few days has been license plate frames. Part of this game was also inspired by the fact that we just bought a new car and the dealership had their own frame across our plate. We immediately got home, took it off and replaced it with our normal frame.

I wanted to see just how many people left the dealership frame on there…and it was a ton! I was very surprised at the number of people who are either too lazy to remove it, or don’t know how.

So I’m creating this poll to see about the Dope. What do you all have framing your license plate?

New Orleans

I bought my car used, and transferred my license plates (plural; Virginia requires both front and back tags). Neither was framed at the time, but I have since put a “Nissan 370Z 40th Anniversary Edition” frame on the rear plate.

The Straight Dope

Og Smash


A plain black frame. I have a 2012 Mazda 3 and I needed it to move the front plate from the middle of the front grille bumper or whatever that thing is (where they usually install the front plate), down to the lower grille underneath that. I just think it looks better, and it frees that space for decals so it doesn’t look quite so goofy.

The first thing I do after getting a new (to me) car is take the stupid dealer plate frame off. If I’m going to be advertising their dealership for the next 5-10 years, they should be paying me.

I have Green Bay Packers frames on both plates. The front frame is a Super Bowl Champions frame from the 2010 season, and the rear plate is a Team Owner frame (since I hold a share of stock in the team).

I don’t think I have ever removed the dealer frame from any car I have owned. Are they just “decorative” or do they serve some purpose?

The back plate has a Starry Night frame, while the front plate sports a Firefly frame that states “You are beginning to damage my calm.”

I don’t have any, but I’ll add loosen & tighten the LP screws every so often (once a year?) if you ever want to get the plateoff. I used to have a personalized plate that I wanted to keep when I sold that car. The bolts had rusted in place over the years & needed to have the heads grinded off to get the plate off, causing some damage to the plate. :frowning:

No frame or any other form of identification near any plate. And no plate on the front of the vehicle. Once I heard about those vehicle mounted license plate identification systems I’ve made it as hard as possible for those things to read my vehicle. I’ve even gone so far as to place a light scattering sheet over my rear plate.

car – my own frame saying “I’m rebuilding the Dips” in reference to two amusement parks and two different rollercoasters. Combined with the plate itself it relates to a defunct park.

Bike 1 — my own made out of interconnected skulls

Bike 2 — my own saying “Bessie - she’s an alright cow” in reference to a song by the Electric Amish which the bike was built in tribute to

I have a frame expressing support for my alma mater.

Pittsburgh Penguins on one, nothing on the others.

May I ask why? I’m not aware of any nefarious purposes. What does the vehicle identification do, besides things like automatic charges for tollways (instead of having to stop & fish out change) that you want to prevent?

The purpose they serve is advertising for the dealer. Your vehicle is being used as a free advertising platform for them.

I’m not a huge fan of license plate frames in general and don’t use them, but to each his own.

I think it’s a shame that so many car buyers allow themselves to be used as free advertising platforms.

I would only consider leaving the dealer plate on my vehicle if the dealership paid me a monthly fee or gave me some kind of benefit or perk. I even remove the dealership stamp/decal.

Yeah, I don’t like having a frame at all, and I certainly would not have any interest in advertising the sleazy dealership that happened to sell me the car. It just seems tidier to me to have the plain license plate. I haven’t had any dealer decals but I’d ask for them to be removed if anyone did attempt to attach them.

I used to have a “UAW Local 420” frame on my plate from my dad’s union but someone took it. Not sure if it was a UAW fan or a 420 fan. Sucks because that local is no more :frowning: But I think I have another one squirreled away.

I left the dealer one on the new car for a while until I had to update my registration sticker. It was covering up the sticker too much.

The bottom strip of my rear license plate frame reads “Maximum R & B”

I voted Option 1 but technically I just have a dealer frame. I bought the car used from a different dealership and the frame is from the original dealership (I assume) which means no one along its chain of custody ever cared enough to remove/switch the plate frame. Myself included.

People who get upset about dealer frames are one of those curious things that I just can’t relate to. I want some sort of frame to keep the edges of the plate from getting dinged or bent and there’s a frame there so why go through any additional hassle? I can see not wanting dealer stickers or those plastic bolt-on logos but the frame doesn’t actually damage/affect the car and actually serves a purpose. I guess I don’t care enough to spend ten bucks and ten minutes of my life to stick it to The Man.