Your MOST favourite....

A 10-speed bike. I rode everywhere.

YMF gift received as an adult?

When my son was born, my mother’s gift to us was to pay all our bills for a month. That’s probably the best gift I ever received. DH was able to take 3 unpaid weeks off work because of it.

If you want a thing, though, I received a wonderful high school graduation gift from a teacher, and I was 18, so I guess that makes me an adult. Anyway, my drama teacher gave me the bracelet that her drama teacher had given to her when she graduated from high school.

YMF thing you own that has only sentimental value.

A gaudy capodimonte candy dish that sat forever on my grandparent’s corner table. One leaf is broken, a petal is chipped. Don’t care.

YMF Autumn smell


YMF smell?


Fav bird-song


YMF dog song?

Squeaky-Deaky (Where’s My Squeaky Toy?)

From the album Songs to Make Dogs Happy.

YMF song written by someone you know.

Oh Julie, by the Crescendos, written bt a former colleague of mine.

Fav birdsong, which means literal musical vocalization emitted by a member of the zoological class aves.

Mourning Dove

YMF Comedic impressionist

Robin Williams. He did four or five in the song “Prince Ali” from Aladdin alone.

YMF song with a cool drum solo?

YMF song with a great bass solo.

“My Generation” by The Who

Fav song with accordion solo

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word, Elton John. The accordion solo at the end is a perfect coda to the heartbreak that the song depicts.

YMF scientist?

Stephen Jay Gould, not just for his writing talent, but for “punctuated equilibrium.” Actually considered naming our son after him, but in the end, went with a personal connection. Maurice Hilleman is a close second favorite; truly someone who was in it for knowledge, not glory.

YMF funny woman.