Your MOST favourite....

Seems like a natural, given the other thread.

One additional rule here: you have to JUSTIFY your choice, just give a succinct reason or rationale for your preference, then put up the next topic.

Most favorite dessert.

Oatmeal Squares bc I’m diabetic and it’s about the only thing that doesn’t give me nerve pain

Most favorite insect

Zebra Swallowtail, 'cause it’s so pretty. I like most butterflies, but there’s just something about this one.
Most favorite Star Wars character

Princess Leia - because she actually took a role in her own rescue and then helped lead the rebellion (still shot while wounded too).
Favourite painting…

The Persistence of Memory
Favorite Classic movie monster (pre-Hays code ending c. mid 60’s)

(Remember to explain why, John).

The Mummy, because of his chilling single-mindedness over the centuries.

Most favorite ice cream flavor

Spumoni, probably for the same reason I love fruit cake: multiple flavors, textures and premiums.
Most Favorite TV show (all time)

Andy Griffith Show. Unrelenting comedy and life lessons that apply to all eras.

Most Favorite Muscle Car

Merkur, because it is the only muscle car Ive ever driven (that I know of)

Favorite component in your daily routine.

[The Dali’ painting I’ve always been fascinated by; just says something profound about the human condition]

My drives. Love driving with the stereo and the engine both going full blast.
Best (favorite?) kiss you ever experienced

My first kiss. Came with a side order of titties!

Best thing arrive in the mail.

A brand new toilet I ordered from Amazon, because I actually ordered a toilet from Amazon.

Most favorite excuse to get out of anything?

“I have to take my son to the doctor/dentist.”
Favorite all time SNL cast member

The late and much-missed Phil Hartman, because he could play just about anybody, and was clearly enjoying himself.

Most favorite sitcom ever?


Favorite current USA license plate.

ML8 ML8 on the back of a white Rabbit because of the pun

Most favorite moment in a SF/fantasy story

[That’s a good one. And a hard one…“story” I interpret as including films…]

Have to go with Roy Batty’s death in Blade Runner. Poignant, touching, one of those final images that simply stays with you.
Most hilarious moment in a TV sitcom

The entire Bluth family showing their chicken impressions. Mainly because there were individual dances leading up to this and we realize all of them have a unique one and none of them resemble a chicken.
Favorite science fiction novel?

The Expanse by James S. A. Corey - I liked the way three factions of the Solar System were having their squabbles while a billion year old alien technology was running rampant, capturing the essence of long term cause and effect.

Favorite fantasy novel/series

Lord of the Rings. Really, it’s one of those things that deserves every bit of acclaim it is has received. It’s amazing.

Favorite stand up comedian?