Your least favourite....


Your least favourite vegetable?

Brussels sprouts

Least favorite Spielberg movie?

Indiana Jones III. [Nuke the Fridge…]

Least favorite Kubrick movie?

Eyes Wide Shut
Least favorite soft drink?

Pepsi anything
Least favorite cookies (supermarket)

lemon flavored.

Your least favorite holiday.

Jersey (island of in UK)

Your least favourite female movie star.

Angelina Jolie

Least favorite male film star?

(abashed, do you mean that when it comes to going on holiday (taking a vacation for US dopers), Jersey would be your least favorite place?
As a former UK English speaker and current US English speaker I took “least favorite holiday” to mean a holiday occasion like Father’s Day and it took me a minute to remember UK English and the way “holiday” is used)

comedienne Sandra Bernhard (notably in Hudson Hawk)

Least favorite non-current POTUS?

G. W. Bush

Least favorite sport?


Least favorite major holiday?


Least favorite Chinese dish.

Egg foo yung.

Least favorite baseball team?

Uh, that was the fourth Indiana Jones movie.

Boston Red Sox
Least favorite Stooge

Curly Joe
Least favorite Beatles song

Revolution 9
Least favorite superhero

Captain America

Least favorite ice cream flavor

Ralph Hinkley

Least favorite game show host