Things you like to eat/drink that others can't stand

[li]Black Licorice[/li]
[sub]followed by…[/sub]
[li]Double-Salted Licorice[/li]
[li]White Chocolate (good stuff… not that .99c easter bunny crap)[/li]
[li]Liver and Onions[/li]
[li]Espresso based drinks, which my coworkers all hate.[/li]Something I don’t care for that most people like:

Tomatoes (except Ketchup!)

Well, not many people I know like anchovies, which I love. I’ve been known to eat them right out of the can. Same for sardines. I also like white chocolate and black licorice. Liver, though–ick. I’ve never had double-salted licorice, but it doesn’t sound as though I’d like it. And I wouldn’t say I hate espresso-based drinks; I’m just sort of indifferent to coffee most of the time.

Please forgive my coding! Ugh.

REAL pizza has anchovies and garlic. REAL men eat liver and onions, with bacon, of course! REAL food lovers eat sushi like a kid eats candy the day after holloween. (with LOTS of wasabi!)

“I was so hungry, I could’a eaten the asshole out of a dead skunk!”

Ouzo to drink. Then a bottle or two of Retsina with the meal. Followed by 5 star Metaxa. Can you tell we party hard in Greek restaurants?

Creamed herring probably isn’t to everyone’s taste, but it is mine.

Back to Greek, a plate of mezadakia(sp?). Liver, beef, sweetbreads, and Greek sausage…Yum

But if anyone says “steamed okra” then I pass. :slight_smile:

Creamed herring? Good stuff! Pickled herring, even better. All sorts of pickled things, actually, followed by shots of Absolut (or vise versa).

Also, many folks think caviar (fish eggs) is quite disgusting - to me its delish. Followed by shots of Absolut…

Also a liver 'n onions fan. But rare fillet mignon is better, with VSOP Congnac for company.

(We party at Russian restaurants, too).

Anyone else like pickled tomatoes?

For some reason people think my snack of popcorn dipped in tabasco/habanero sauce is gross. It’s soooooo good.

Some of my friends consider this child abuse, but I grew up eating and enjoying:

lutefisk (with butter & white sauce)
kumpen (norwegian blood sausage)
headcheese (you don’t want to know)
sardines and limberger cheese

Can’t stand ketchup, bananas or jello though.

One of my favorite breakfasts is a bowl of hominy grits, add 2 over easy eggs, a large pinch of shredded cheese (any flavor works), and maybe a couple chopped up link sausage. Mash it all into a nice blend, add a dash of salt and plenty of fresh ground pepper, I’m making myself hungry. I also like stewed tomatoes with croutons, corned beef hash with salsa, and pickled hard boiled eggs.

I make ice cream floats with vanilla and Mountain Dew. When I do, everybody looks at me as if I had scooped up some gutter water and gulped it down with a smile.

What’s wrong with vanilla ice cream and Mountain Dew? I’d go for that.

[li]Liver[/li][li]Chicken Gizzards[/li][li]Squid/Octopus prepared sashimi style[/li][/ul]

Asparagus on toast
Liver and Onions
Warmed up canned tomatoes
Butter and brown sugar on bread

On the other hand, my ex used to eat sardines in mustard sauce on toast, he thought they were awesome, I gagged even looking at the can

I invented that. The only problem is getting enough tobasco on the popcorn without making it soggy. MMM good eatin…

I adore anchovies. As a matter of fact, I had a whole plate full for lunch yeasterday. Nothing else. I used to keep a can in my desk drawer in my office at work. If someone stopped by and started to ramble, I would just pop open a can, start eating and insist that they try some. They always left right away.

I like Red Bull!

watches everyone in this thread start puking

I kinda like the taste of Red Bull too, I think because most other sodas (and yes, its a friggin’ soda) seem to taste so similar and lame after years of drinking them.

I like circus peanuts, though not in large quantities. When I read the SD column, and subsequent threads about how much everyone hates these things, I was somewhat perplexed. What’s the big deal? It’s not any more odd than a hundred other candies. The same goes for Spam…I don’t think most people who use this as their stock “disgusting food” have ever tried it.

What I do is I put the sauce in a little bowl next to the popcorn and just dunk 'em.

Pickled ox tongue is a particular fav.
The SO won’t even let it in her fridge, so I have to eat the whole this in one sitting. Yum !

Dried Irish Seaweed.

I think its called Dulsk (have no Idea how its spelled, though).

I don’t like marshmallow-based candies, aren’t Circus Peanuts basically some form of that? That’s why I never tasted them.

I do confess to have eaten Spam on occassion though. I would never cook it, but the rest of my family will have it once in awhile, and I’ll steal a piece. They brown it on the griddle though, so it tastes mostly like really thick bacon. (I’d never eat it right out of the can… that is nasty…)

I can’t think of anything I like that is particularly disgusting or unusual… unless you count non-fat skim milk, which my family and SO acts thinks is the nastiest thing ever created. He drinks half and half in his breakfast cereal. Like melted ice cream, I say. :stuck_out_tongue: