What do you love that everyone else refuses to eat?

  1. Cottage cheese, in its natural state.
  2. Tapioca pudding.
  3. Rice pudding.
  4. (the killer) Black licorice. I love black licorice and I’ll eat it any way I can get it from ya.

matt, I’m with you all the way on the first 3. Made some homemade tapioca about 2 weeks ago and I swear, I could’ve eaten the whole pan. I kept going back for more.


[li]pickled herring. Either the stuff in wine sauce of the stuff in sour cream. It’s all good - especially on crackers.[/li][li]blue cheese of any type. Love it.[/li][li]sushi and sashimi. Hubby won’t eat it, I love it.[/li][li]Liver, kidneys, heart, tongue. Prepared correctly, it’s delicious.[/li][/ul]

There is very little I won’t eat. Well, except hot dogs, but I’ll even have a good A&W chili dog every now and again.

A few from this thread.

  1. Oysters. Raw. With just a little bit of lemon juice. Yum.
  2. My dad makes a great liver dish. I love it, my dad loves it, mom hates it. With a vengeance.
  3. Mushrooms. Chamignons at least.
  4. Beets. Why don’t people like beets? Boiled and served with butter and salt, it’s a delicacy.

In my (not so humble) opinion, food is rarely disgusting. If it’s not prepared right, or combined badly, it can suck.

matt, is that salty licorice you’re talking about? I didn’t even know you could find that in Canada.

Everyone loves rice pudding, they often sell out of it at the retaurant near my cottage.

Black licorice is tasty and sold in every depanneur. Salty licorice is disgusting beyond the ability of words to express.

  1. Steak and kidney pie – yum.
  2. Liver and onions – yum.
  3. Diced kidney and onions – yum.
  5. Caesar salad with ANCHOVIES – the way god intended

Dr. Paprika, are you a brother of mine, separate at birth? I love everything on your list!!

Tofu. Love it, can’t get enough of it.

Going off that other thread, there are lots of things that other dopers hate, but I love:

Raw oysters
Sour cream
Bleu cheese
Cottage cheese
Rice pudding
Onions, cooked or raw, on just about anything
Raw tomatoes. Fresh-off-the-vine sliced beefsteak tomatoes on toast, with a little mayo and a healthy sprinkle of fresh-cracked black pepper…heaven! I was surprised to see so many people hate raw tomatoes…why? If they are garden-fresh, and perfectly ripe, a raw tomato is wonderful!
(Those horrible dead-of-winter pink tomatoes from the grocery store are bad, but fresh ones are yummy.)

gotta run back to that other thread and add “black licorice” to my list of foods I won’t eat.
black licorice…shudder…gag…[barfing smilie]


I am with you 100% on all four.

I will also add:

German/Dutch Double/triple Salted Black Licorice

This brings up a pet peeve of mine… how can it be called “licorice” if its not black? Shouldn’t it just be called a chewy strawberry flavored snack?


Blue Cheese…and most other strong cheeses.

I can’t stand Sauerkraut (sp?). Even though I have a full German pedigree, and my family threatened to disown me, I think it is the most vile creation known to mankind. Shudder…

Chorizo. Mmmm, now that is the good stuff. Who cares if it has porcine salivary and lymph glands in it? :smiley:

I also love vanilla custard puding baby food, which makes some people shudder. I don’t know why.

I love everything off Kinsey’s list, except the tapioca pudding, rice pudding and cottage cheese.

Fried chicken hearts. MMMmmmmmm.

Mmmmm – Marshmallow Peanuts!!

Lima beans! I can’t believe how many people hate lima beans.

Liver and onions.

Velveeta. Granted, it’s been a long time since I’ve had any, but in college I stocked up on it because it was the only food my roommates refused to pilfer.

Raw potatoes.
Egg in a beer: it’s a Polish thing.

A qaurtered apple, with salt on (on the white bit) Nobody will believe me how nice it is because nobody will try it! you have to try it to believe it :smiley:

Gentlemen’s Relish (spiced anchovy paste) on hot buttered toast
Lapsang Souchong tea
Scrambled egg sandwiches with ketchup
Sushi (but only if it’s fresh)

Anyone here actually like marmite/vegemite? Urgh…

Brussels sprouts

Crystallized ginger

Double-salted black licorice

Liver and onions



I love apple slices with salt. I also sprinkle a bit of salt on grapefruit slices. yummerific!

Balachan (sp?)

It’s one of those substances that Malaysians don’t explain to tourists to keep from panicking. They call it “cheese.” It’s actually fermented shrimp paste, pressed into a brown square block. Very yummy if cooked with curry.

Marrow … yum, you haven’t finished your meat until you crack open the bones for the marrow.

MMMMMMM…Salted watermelon.
I’ll eat cake icing with a spoon. Instant sugar high.
My sister-in-law makes vanilla ice cream with creamed corn in it. I love it.