Your MOST favourite....

George Carlin. Do I really need to explain?

Favorite ramen flavour

Chicken with those little carrot bits - good for colds

favorite medication

Motrin. Works great for a toothache, which I currently have; and while I’ll call my dentist tomorrow, I need some pain relief today.

Your favorite Stephen King novel?

The Drawing of the Three-mainly for how he totally sells the Odetta/Detta thing. I recall being utterly shocked and confused when the latter made her first appearance.
Your favorite Roger Zelazny novel?

Lord of Light. Buddhism, Hinduism, and one-liners.

Favorite beer?

Dixie Blackened Voodoo Lager, because of the cool label
favorite breed of dog

Remember to tell us why, jtur.

Favorite breed of dog? Labrador Retriever. We have a six-year-old yellow one, and he’s friendly and sweet and has amazingly expressive eyebrows.

Favorite breed of cat?

I would probably like an Abyssinian, the most dog-like of the cat breeds.
Fave ice cream flavor?

Belmont Caramel Apple Pie

One of the few limited run ice creams that is really good. It’s the caramel in addition to the actual apple pie apples in it that make it great.

Favorite video game?

Planetfall…I still get weepy thinking about Floyd

Favorite video game-based movie

Wreck-It Ralph

Favorite athlete from your alma mater

Fred Taylor, RB for both them and my hometown Jags. Breakaway speed galore. Will probably never get into the Pro Football HoF, damned shame…
Fave participation sport?

Golf. It’s a nice day out with friends, and since none of us will ever make the pro tour, we have a fun game.

Your favorite Best Picture Oscar winner?

Remember to tell us why.

Casablanca (1943) - Almost a perfect movie, with a great cast, gripping story and a million quotable lines

Your favorite movie that didn’t win a Best Picture Oscar?

Hitchcock’s “Rear Window” So many thing’s I love about this movie, the dark humor~

Your favorite song for dancing

I Want My Tears Back by Nightwish because my wife and daughter and I used to dance to it years ago.

Favorite Legend of Zelda game?

Baseball, because baseball transcends mere sport, it is the essence of the universe – even Zelda’s uni verse, whatever that is

Your most favorite bird song. ( Not favorite song about birds, but the bird you must enjoy hearing sing in the wild.)

Mockingbird, especially when they imitate car alarms.

Your most favorite pie?

Blueberry. Just am addicted to their taste.
[I blame you, **b_d**]

Fave sex position? :smiley:

Missionary – she gets the wet spot,

Favorite bell.