Who's your favorite Muppet?

How can anyone not like the Muppets?

I think my favorites are the two old guys in the balcony: Waldolf and ?

But it is always changing. Excellent cast of characters.

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my favorite would be the one who lets me put my hand up his little empty muppet body :o


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Shirley - the two old guys you like are Statler and Waldorf.

My personal favorite is Swedish Chef, mainly because I can do a killer impersonation of him (never fails to crack up the family). But I am also a huge Beaker and Animal fan.

If you like the Muppets than I have to highly recommend the Muppet CD Rom - Muppets Inside. The entire thing is worth it just to hear Beaker, Animal, and the Swedish Chef sing “Oh Danny Boy.”

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Statler: “Why do we always come here?”
Waldorf: “I guess we’ll never know.”
Statler: “It’s like some kind of torture,”
Both: “to have to watch this show !”
My favorite is still Gonzo. The one time I met Henson, back in 1989, somebody in our group asked him exactly WHAT Gonzo is, specieswise. He directed them to the credits of the Muppet Movie, which lists him as a “Little Blue Wierdo”.

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Fozie Bear…he is too cuddly!

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Traditional muppets??

Then its the Swedish Chef or Rawlf.

But overall right now it has to be Pepe the Prawn…

And yah anyone who can watch a muppet movie and still be sad is a freak. Definatly in need of medication. And lots of it!

Why are there so many…songs about rainbows…and whats on the other side…(tailing off into the cybervoid)


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I used to watch the Muppets with my Dad (his inner child is alive and well, one thing I truly love about him!) and we got a big kick out of the two old fogeys trashing the show.

I also liked Animal, the master thespian. :wink:

Gonzo and his chickens, Swedish Chef. What about the uptight eagle? (whose name I forget). He was also a hoot.

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Sam the Eagle.

If I could replace my Muppet knowledge with Biology, the common cold would probably be eradicated.

Then there is always Lew Zealand and his boomerang fish.

I always liked Scooter the best because he was always running around with his little clipboard, trying to organize the show. I also used to crack up everytime they’d show the Muppets from the feet up. Skinny little Muppet legs make me giggle.

muppets from space was awesome!

pepe was cool, but i like gonzo.

But if we can include sesame street guys, then super Grover is definitely the coolest.

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  1. Gonzo
  2. Beaker
  3. The hippy girl in the band
  4. Statler and Waldorf
  5. Rolph

These are in no particular order. Others may be added a la the popularity thread.


Gasoline: As an accompaniement to cereal it made a refreshing change. Glen Baxter

Beaker was the best. I used to love it when he would make an appearance on the cartoon Muppet Babies.

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She’s Janice!

Oh man… Like, what a drag.


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Elmo, or as my son called him, “Malmo.”

1: Sam The Eagle
2: Gonzo
3: Miss Piggy
4: Statler and Waldorf

I think I saw every episode of the Muppet Show in University. My favorite one was the one with Alice Cooper.

Oops, forgot about Animal and … aw to hell with it they were all good characters. i hope your smiling at us Jim


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Statler and Waldorf rule! When I was going to school, there was a bar that was made out of the stage of an old theatre. They built a balcony there with life-sized Statler and Waldorfs sitting there.

Next favorite would have to be Sweetums, who had the clasic line from the original Muppet Movie,

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The Swedish Chef – “Too-dah ve’re goink too mek da Turkey Mousse. First yew tek da turkey – bork bork bork.”

Though I do have a soft spot in my heart for all the chickens.

From the Muppet Show:

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem as a group, and Rowlf.

From Sesame Street:

Grover, with Guy Smiley and Kermit in a tie for (distant) second.