Your MOST favourite....

“What are you, some kind of rocket surgeon?”

YMF non-mixed metaphor?

“The boat floated gently on the water, like a bowling ball wouldn’t.”

OK, it’s a simile, but it’s too good to pass up.

YMF thing you always forget to buy.

Baking soda

YMF household chore

Watering the house plants.

YMF character in “The Wizard of Oz”?

Cowardly Lion.

YMF Brady kid on the Brady Bunch?


House plant.YMF.


YMF violin concerto?

The Bach Double Violin concerto. Sheer genius - played here by two geniuses in their own right:

YMF living classical musician?

Yo-Yo Ma. He stretches and enhances the meaning of “classical”. Plus, I’m learning to play the cello, and he’s one of my inspirations.

YMF work of sculpture?

For modern sculpture, “Expansion” by Paige Bradley.

YMF modernist artwork?

Andy Warhol’s soup cans. I’ve actually seen the original. It’s huge.

YMF Renaissance painting that most people haven’t heard of.

Nuno Gonçalves

Fav Russian film

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears

Favorite American indie (ie, non-Hollywood) film.

American Movie

Fav British word that is different from the US word

Identity parade (what we call “police line-up”)

That was my favorite-- someone else’s favorite: this is a good one.

(Thanks to a recent Taskmaster episode) Calling passing gas a trump.
It works on so many levels.

YMF word from another language that really isn’t translatable to English

The American Sign Language nose-wrinkle.

YMF TV character ever.


Fav dramatic tv character, not comic

Sarah, the Under House-parlourmaid in Upstairs, Downstairs.

YMF TV actor who never had a regular role, but popped up on many, many different shows.

Robert Emhart, a round-faced jolly guy who was a regular at Desilu Studios, who made all episodes of a dozen shows like Twilight Zone. loretta Young, etc.,

Fav cooking sound