Your Most/Least favorite things about Summer?

Apropos of my San Diego location, I’ll start with a couple of beach-related items:

—Riding down the face of a nice big wave.

—Getting nailed by a stingray.

Most: Renaissance Faire.

Least: Everything else. Except ice cream.

Most: the smell of freshly mowed lawn
Least: freshly mowing the lawn

Heat. I can’t stand heat. I hate it.

I like being out of school, though.

Most: it’s warm.
Least: it’s too warm.

Most: Getting home from work and being out in the garden reading or puttering for a couple hours.

Least: Listening to people bitch about the heat. I love hot weather.

Most: Heat
Least: Humidity
*actually I’m not that fond of the heat either. I’m more of a winter person.

Most: Lots of daylight in the evening, hot & dry weather, no rain, thunderstorms (I used to live somewhere that got them, and I still like them), wearing flip-flops or sandals, smaller loads of laundry (lighter clothes and fewer socks)

Least: Air conditioner quitting on me, hot steering wheel when I get into my car

Most: No snow.
Least: Being sweaty and hot, sticking to chairs, being asked to endure direct sunlight.

Most: Extra hours of daylight.

Least: Sweat running down my face. I cannot stand that.

Jacobs Field, or any ball park, during a game on a warm summer night.

Mosquito bites, and there are some very hungry species around here who seem to like my blood an inordinate amount.

Most: Thunderstorms.

Least: Nights when it’s too hot to get a good night’s sleep. (Yeah, I know, we really oughta just break down and get an air conditioner.)

The weather:

I begin to sweat like a pig. :frowning:

Good looking people sweat like a pig, so the begin running around pratically naked. :wink:

Least: Florida is like a sauna from May to November. You can’t even open your windows, or the house feels like outside. If not for central air conditioning, nobody would voluntarily live here!

Most: I live in a college town. The view is spectacular. And if you make it through a summer without melting, your reward is that it eventually cools down.

Seven years ago, I traded one kind of discomfort for another. Any complaints I have about how hot it is here are trivial compared to how cold it was for 38 winters in Southern Ontario. If I never see another snowflake, it’ll be too soon. I’d much rather be hot than cold.

Most: walking into an air-conditioned house after working outside for a while. Especially if I know there’s cold beer in the fridge.

Least: prickly weeds in the backyard, dead grass in the front year (yeah, I know; it’s a bad-landscaping thing, not really a summer thing).

Most: Vacation!!

Least: yardwork :mad:

Most: Visiting the coast, thunderstorms following a heatwave.

Least: The heat, allergies (hay fever), longer days (damn noisy kids), flees, mosquitoes, school holidays (damn noisy kids)…

Give me beautiful, cool, wet late Autumn days instead.

Oh, I live in the UK so a heatwave is anything approaching 30C

Least- the 113 degree weather today- with about 0% humidity

Most- swimming at midnight because its still 95 degrees

I love fresh fruit, the laidbackedness of most people, walking around at night. I miss thunderstorm here in California, though. What’s a screaming hot day good for if there isn’t a big storm at the end of it.

I hate the humidity of summers back in New England. I hate the fact that my car is turned into one fo the circles of hell by the sun. I hate getting sunburned, although that doens’t happen much.