Your movie reviews: new or old, theater or rented (etc)

Did a search and didn’t see, thought it would be nice to have one thread where people post their takes on movies they have recently seen. It could be a new release, or slightly dated, or even very dated.

Anyone want to start it off?

43 views and nobody has watched a movie lately? OK I’ll start:

**Caddyshack. ** I think this is a love it or hate it movie. I love it. Silly, light-hearted, great summer movie. Great cast (including the always-underrated Ted Knight who is perfect for this role) and just a “fun” flick. Nanananana :slight_smile: Bought it for a mere $4 the other day, talk about a bargain.

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (remake)


Never read the book, never saw the original. Just heard it was a very dark mystery with a shocking scene somewhere.
Was it just me or was it pretty obvious from the beginning that missing girl was probably not dead? Young girl surrounded by abusive family disappears and everybody assumes she was murdered??? She even sends (her uncle?) art every year and he assumes the murderer is taunting him?
Even Blomkvist doesn’t bother to ask the obvious “what makes you think she’s dead?”

And the shocking scene wasn’t all that shocking. I was more shocked when I saw it 30 years ago in Deliverance and again in Pulp Fiction.

And their investigative skills seemed to amount to not much more than looking through photos, finding who took the photos, and asking them if they have more photos.

Not much shock value + not much of a mystery = not much of a movie

I just watched “The African Queen” again for the first time in many years. It lived up to my memory of what I thought before: great movie, but I hated it. The story is good, characters are good, acting is good, pacing and scenery are excellent; all around great film from John Houston. But I hated it for two reasons: Bogie plays a total pussy in this film, which completely clashes with my image of him. And the scene where Rosie disposes of, well, not to spoiler it, let’s just say she disposes of Bogie’s personal property over the side of the boat… that made me CRINGE!!! (as a lover of that particular type of personal property)

Saw Ramona and Beezus last Wednesday (day off). I don’t normally go for G-rated fare, but it came highly recommended.

I was blown away by how awesome it was. It was funny, cute, touching, and not at all cloying. The little actress who played Ramona was a doll. There was an incredibly sad scene that I won’t mention for fear of spoilage. There was also a scene in which Ramona and Beezus try to put out a fire. You can tell by the face of the little actress that she was having a blast!

I give it an A-.

Thanks but please try not to even dance around stuff like this :slight_smile: Thx

oh crap, do they kill off Picky-Picky? (i read the ramona books as a kid, never saw the movie)

**Once Upon a Time in the West. **This is back up on Netflix Streaming, and I finally watched it, partly due to the respect it has received in various SDMB threads on Best Opening Scenes.

I’m not huge fan of the Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns with Clint Eastwood, and the film is three hours long, but I was charmed. The film is akin to Tarantino’s work, in that Leone loves old movies (highbrow and lowbrow) and fills his tale with homages, while also twisting the scenes to make them new and knowing.

If you’ve got Netflix, then watching the first 15 minutes should let you know if it’s right for you or an overstylized bother.

Yes. :frowning: